Crash (2004)

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Directed By Paul Haggis Paul Haggis Starring Matt Dillon Matt Dillon  •  Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock  •  Don Cheadle Don Cheadle  •  Ryan Phillippe Ryan Phillippe  •  Terrence Howard Terrence Howard Genres Drama  •  Ensemble Film  •  Hyperlink Film  •  Message Movie  •  Social Problem Film  •  Urban Drama Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Picture Winning  •  Lionsgate Entertainment  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Winning  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture Winning  •  Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Film Winning
Release Info 2004-09-10T00:00:00Z September 10, 2004
Color  •  112 minutes R Rated R
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The English Patient vs. Crash

The English Patient Crash VS.

AlgorithmJMO said on 7/17/2022

"Crash may be heavy-handed in its message, but at least it doesn't drag on to almost THREE HOURS..." more ►

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Comments (4)


ear on 1/1/2011 Reply  · 

Everyone needs to see Crash. Love it or hate it but please don't ignore it. I found it slightly contrived but in some ways that is its strength. It multi angles stories so that we see all sides of the coin so to speak. It may or may not be the best movie of the year but it is exactly the kind of film brain dead Hollywood should make more of!

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ear on 1/1/2011 Reply  · 

"Crash" is simply one of the most powerful,relevant and emotionally challenging ensemble piece films this viewer has ever seen. It is about the collision of cultures in Los Angeles and the effect of prejudice on blocking effective communication and resolve. It is about redemption, tolerance and lessons learned.
"Crash" will shock you,enlighten you and amaze you with its expose of troubled lives in a human jungle that dehumanizes us. In a large city people crash so they can feel something. These peoples lives collide and the lessons learned from the experience, change them fom caterpillars to butterflies. We can't accomplish anything when we carry an albatross of hatred in our soul. The consequences are dire as this film shows. We can only move ahead after we repair our damages and begin again in a new remodeled and wiser model of ourselves. "Crash" could be life changing. Very few films have this potential.

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thedoughboy5751 on 5/28/2013 Reply  · 

why does everyone hate on crash? it was made to send a message. name a movie so perfect that isnt at all contrived. it is impossible! cinema is made for entertainment, and crash went above and beyond

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Ufhamlet on 6/28/2015 Reply  · 

I wasn't entertained in the least. Crash is a terribly one-dimensional sermon that lacks balance. It's well-acted, sure, but the attempt to make every character multi-faceted and complex actually waters down the message. It created a weird form of self-defeating anti-melodrama for me.

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