Inception vs. Crash



Toughest decision that I've had to make.

"Inception" was well crafted, but basically a simple heist story presented as a cerebral head trip. "Crash" was somewhat heavy-handed in its message, but it had something its opponent lacked: heart.

I'd agree that Inception can be a cold, calculated effort, but saying Crash was somewhat heavy-handed is like saying the Titanic had a bit of an ice problem.


Crash was cliched and over ally sentimental at times. Inception is a much better film.

Inception is the better film.

Inception is much greater in its scale than Crash is.

Inception wins this easily. Crash had great performances but Inception had better performances, score, effects, action, and it's just great


Inception isn't as emotionally involving as Crash. Both in my Top 15, but Crash is great.

Wow...tough , tough choice. I'll go with Crash as of right now. But this could change down the road...

Crash is pretty good, but it cant beat the masterpiece of 2010.

If the choice here was between watching Crash or watching Inception while getting kicked repeatedly in the balls...I'd still pick Inception.

Crash was a disaster and I can't believe any supposedly high-fallutin' movie types fell for it. I'm not gonna talk about how it's morally offensive or whatever because that's the domain of whiny babies and ersatz leftists who are obsessed with race to a creepy, unhealthy extent, but suffice to say it takes a heavy concept and basically drools all over it and then shits everywhere and dies. Inception is more harmless, but that's really my problem with it, as well as the new Batman movies; they represent everything that bores the fuck out of me about Hollywood. I guess Crash wins, because at least it could potentially inspire you to get mad about how stupid it is. Inception is just a flashy two hour coma.

I don't understand why Crash won 3 Oscars and I don't agree with that. On the other hand, I do understand why Inception was received so well, but I don't entirely share that opinion. In this match-up though, Inception is clearly the winner for me.

Avenue Q is better than Crash.

ABC anything but CRASH

I remember loving Crash, but now when I think back, it comes of as cheesy. I should watch it again. Nonetheless, Inception wins.

I really liked Crash. Inception wins this