The Dark Knight Rises vs. Captain America: Civil War



I may get some hate for this but Civil War crushes IMO. I don't love Rises.

Civil War just dominates. Far better in every way.

Civil War!

Civil War, easily. TDKR had too much plot holes for me to enjoy it and it doesn't help that the characters had no personality!

Gonna get some hate but neither one is really that great IMO. Slight edge to TDKR maybe

Civil War beats the worst boring overrated Dark Knight Rises film.

MCU is far generation greatness masterpiece and while as every Nolan movie sucks but the dark knight rises is more far worse annoying, Civil War crushes here!!

"every nolan movie sucks" "MCU is far generation greatness masterpiece" lmao gtfo, i pick tdkr btw cause i loved bane as the villain and wasn't the biggest fan of zemo

Civil War is uniquely superior watchable, TDKR is generally flawed endless cliffhanged.

Going with TDKR, but it's close. Both films have their advantages but Bane was a much better villain and TDKR has also a better soundtrack. I still liked Civil War and it's themes, action scenes were done well.

Civil War is uniquely the bestest of the MCU, TDKR was generally massive flawed and cliffhanger to the end trilogy.

civil war is also flawed how does zemo even do all these shit lol, i also noticed how all those tdkr haters write their sentences like this "*movie that isn't tdkr" is everything good bla bla bla, tdkr is massively flawed and garbage" literally ALL of them write them like this. Coincidence?

"Civil War just dominates. Far better in every way." THAT is the only answer that matters. TDKR is just a bad film any way you judge it. Should be compared to Catwoman and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, not classics from the genre.

civil war ruined winter soldier fuck that civil war is no classic and nowhere near tdkr

Civil War not even close.

Seriously TDKR is just pure bad it is, civil war is so much better that demands greater ever.

Civil War ruined one of the only good films in the MCU it is no where near any nolan films