WALL·E vs. Up



AHHH WHAT THE F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I choose between my two favorite Pixar ventures? One of the hardest ones I've received yet FLICKCHART!!!!

These are the two best Pixar Movies... Up has the advantage...but only slightly

???!!!!!?????!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!! An unstoppable force vs. an immovable object.

Wall-E is the 2001: A Space Odyssey of animation. For that, it wins.


Wall-E for sure. As much as I liked UP, it didn't give me that same sense of wonder and laughs.

I can't bring myself to rank another Pixar movie over Finding Nemo, at least not yet. That said, these are numbers two and three. That Pixar has pulled off another one-two punch of back-to-back masterpieces like Nemo and The Incredibles is astonishing. This particular battle is very tough for me. I initially resisted ranking WALL·E over The Incredibles, but after a couple more viewings, it's really resonated with me. It was the first Pixar movie to really blow me away with its animation since Nemo. And, I have a fondness for sci-fi. Up, meanwhile, takes the emotional gut-punch at the beginning of Nemo and magnifies it by a factor of, roughly, 647. I was incredibly moved by that movie, and despite all the odd trappings, it's really a very simple story. In a way, while it's easily as emotionally satisfying, it almost makes WALL·E feel a little preachy in its environmental message. (Almost; not quite.) Honestly, this is a total toss-up for me. For now, I stick with WALL· because of my love for sci-fi, but after watching these again, I could easily change my mind.

Maybe UP wouldn't have been so disappointing if WALL-E hadn't been my favorite Pixar movie. Not only was I disappointed, I think that UP was pretty much total crap. I worry about the people who think it was a good film.

Wall-E. By an inch.

I have changed my mind. Nemo, Up, then WALL·E. But these are both only *just* out of my Top 20.

WALL-E was more consistently excellent (Up spent some time in the woods, so to speak, with "Kevin" and the dogs), but Up nailed some amazing emotional highs, especially in the first few minutes. Up also had the edge in music (Giacchino is a genius), but WALL-E had the more sweeping visual scope. This is very, very hard. After some further thought, I'm going to give WALL-E the edge by a nanometer, on account of it having a wider cast of characters, a broader story, and a pretty daring no-dialogue opening.

Up has it... just, and I mean JUST... It's the tugging at the emotional heartstrings that does it... just!

Up, originality and charm. Added bonus of not being really boring, WALL-E unfortunately falls down at this hurdle.

Wall-E is a romance, Up is an Adventure Film. Not very easy to pick, but only because Up reminds me of the Adventurers Club in Pleasure Island is the reason it wins.

WALL-E, definitely. Loved Up as well, but my decision is twofold. 1. WALL-E is sci-fi. 2. I almost cried at the end of WALL-E rather than merely feeling sad for Carl at the beginning of Up. Both great movies, though, as are most in the Pixar pantheon (though I still don't get the appeal of Cars).

Pixar vs Pixar is always hard. I'll say that I think everything about Wall-E is stunning, but I'm gonna choose Up. I think the fact that it's set in the present time and the protagonist is a human makes me enjoy it a little more. That being said, I had a surprisingly strong connection with Walll-E during his state of loneliness at the beginning of the film. I don't know...

Spot on! Nice comparison, I'll keep that one in mind. Yes, Wall-E by far!

The more I watch UP...the less interested I become. The exact opposite is said about Wall-E. Wall-E was genre breaking...so it is a step above...

Up was a bit dull, Wall E packed it for me.

Up made me really emotional, especially the beginning and (spoiler alert!) the part where Carl reminisces about his wife after he and Russell reach the falls. WALL-E was nice but it didn't fully captivate me throughout the entire movie.

These are both in my top 5. Up just happens to be number 1 though....

up was good but wall-e has set a new bar for computer animation. Maybe not as revolutionary when pixar made the first full length computer animation movie "toy story", but wall-e shows you how much pixar has honed their skills with this relatively new technology and Is what 1080p is made for.

Up ftw.

Up, it's the best Pixar movie and it has the most depth out of all of them, it's a movie that talks about life and death, something other Pixar movies haven't

Wall-E for sure.

Both are far from being my favorite Pixar movie but there are more scenes I appreciate in Wall-E than Up because in Up, the marriage life montage scene's the only amazing part of it.

Both fantastically touching. I guess Wall-E but it could go either way.

Dug wins -)

Up by a hair.

Up. Wall-E was really good and would be a tie for me but I really love Up.

Loved both, but Up for the win. The opening scene from Wall-E is very slow and somewhat dull. It picks up after 30-45 minuttes. Basically, when the spaceship lands on Earth and Wall-E meets Eve is when the movie starts. The opening 45 minutes could effectively be reduced to about 15 minutes and never lose any quality. With Up, there's no wasted scenes nor wasted footage. It's consistently great from start to finish. Up just has a deeper story and much more developed characters. Wall-E is really lacking in those departments. In fact, the whole story of Wall-E could be done in 45 minutes. Up just has more substance. Up wins.

Disney Pixar changed film forever with Toy Story and touched our hearts with Finding Nemo, but no two films have been better at telling a profound story like WALL-E and Up. These two films almost belong on a separate shelf at Pixar because of the deeper message you can take away from these stories. Up does in the first 15 minutes what most love stories can't achieve in their entire production. Ultimately, it is a beautiful message about the adventure of love and life. WALL-E, despite not necessarily meaning to, is one of the great stories of the destruction of our planet, the destruction of our bodies and the fight we all have to survive. WALL-E is incredible and one of the best films Pixar has ever produced

WALL*E for the win

Both movies had a very errie beginning, but UP had the power and emotional impact within merely 5 minutes and built up everything, combining it with the action and comedy to ultimately end with a similarly silent end. Wall-E deserves kudos for the twisty ending, though.


WALL-E! Is the most Pixar's charming


Not overly keen on Wall-E therefore I choose Up! I do love the characters of Up though, they're so sweet :D

Wall-E is just a tad more consistent. Plus, its mini-short Burn-E was quite entertaining.

Up is just too delightfully weird not to win. I mean it has talking dogs, that talk as if they were dogs (yeah it's really hard to explain that to someone that hasn't seen the movie) and an ending where said talking dogs are flying a biplane and shooting by chewing on a squeaky toy. Both are good, but Up is just better.

WALL-E by far