The Social Network vs. Fight Club




Imho, The Social Network is a far better film than Fight Club, as enjoyable as Fight Club is.

Mmmm, tricky. I feel far too close (in time) to The Social Network. I don't think it's had time to sink in properly yet. I do think these two films have more in common than meets the eye. Two isolated, alienated male protagonists who find unique ways at striking back at the social norms that surround them and hem them in. Both could be said to be neuro-atypical. Both recruit large crowds of admirers, hangers-on and like-minded supporters. Both end up in positions of great-power over their former oppressors. For now I'm picking Fight Club, but that may change with time.

Enjoy both movies A LOT (There's a reason why Fight Club is number two of all time and TSN comes in only 20 places lower) but theres also a reason why I rank Fight Club over TSN: Its re -watchabilty is unmatched.

I know I'm among the few ones, but I will have to go with Social Network. Fight Club is pretty much overrated.

TSN, but I'll not burden everyone with a genius explanation. No, I carry that weigt alone!

Now, this is a Fincher matchup! The Social Network is incredible and timely, but will it stand the test of time? Fight Club seems to hold up and deals with more universal themes. Plus, it has Pitt, Norton, and . . . Meatloaf! Done deal.

Social Network is almost perfect in every which way. While Fight Club has a great twist and is highly enjoyable, it drags in one or two areas that don't make it as good as TSN.

Of all the nostalgia and hype of Social Network. There is no way it can ever beat Fight Club, the true masterpiece of David Fincher.

Fight Club is much better. Possibly the most nostalgic film of all time in my opinion.

Fight Club wins my a pinch here.

The Social Network is true events and Fight Club is something original. I gotta go with The Social Network.

Fight Club has to be one of the most enjoyable movies I've sever seen.It's also original,has the better acting and overall a more complete experience than TSN.

Fight Club, but Social Network is sensational

Social Network is a great drama. Boasting great performances from Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield, it is a really strong movie overall. But still Fight Club gets by on its cult status and enjoyment level.

Fight Club all the way.

Fight Club. TSN bored me quite a bit, to be honest. Fight Club on the other hand has my eyes glued to the screen. I experience the first 45 minutes as 10 minutes. It's that good.

Fight Club, far more memorable for me, and far more entertaining.

Fight Club sticks in my memory so much more. It's the better movie for me.

The Social Network is Fincher's best film to date, so that.

Social Network is great, but it can't even touch Fight Club.

Everybody listen to Boonmee...

The Network. Easily.

Both brilliant but TSN is the winner. A true modern masterpiece.

The Social Network is great, but Fight Club wins this one.

I love fight club but the social network is the true David Fincher masterpiece

The Social Network its Aaron Sorkin's best script, improves over several viewings, has a very powerful character story, has the best TR&AR score and it is David Fincher's 2010s masterpiece. But, I think that I prefer fight club , for now, for its great characters, dark humor, creative use of narration and more entertaining story.


Fight Club is the winner.

The Social Network is cleaner, Fight Club is cooler. Polish or entertainment.... Fight Club wins.

Fight Club is fucking awesome, but yeah The Social Network is better by a hair. But I just cannot stress enough how small the difference is in the quality of these two films

I always though the social network was Fincher's masterpiece