Saving Private Ryan vs. Apocalypse Now



Hmmm....Saving Private Ryan is more accessible and there is something to say for making an accessible masterpiece.

Coppola's masterpiece is way more profound

I love SPR but this is not even close.

There's only one right answer here, and it's Apocalypse Now.

Private Ryan just abuses Apocalypse Now. Probably will never be the popular choice, but it works for me....

The horror, the horror

Apocalypse Now for sure. It doesn't have to use excessive violence like SPR to get the message through to people, which is what I respect about it.

Saving Private Ryan is only good for the first half hour then just falls into an abyss of boredom. Apocalypse Now dominates it.

Ajzz that's funny you say that because I thought that Apocalypse Now was the one of these two that was boring. Saving Private Ryan for the win.

JC13 you clearly haven't watched Apocalypse Now properly then. It is the better war film and just overall better film in every cinematic aspect. Saving Private Ryan is good for the first half hour and then just becomes incredibly dull.

Ajzz It is beyond me as to how you can find Saving Private Ryan boring at any moment. The battle scenes are some of the best ever filmed and the dialogue scenes are masterful.

Apocalypse Now.

Their both tied to be my favorite war film I think I like Saving Private Ryan a little more

They are both great, I can't decide!

Saving Private Ryan is my favorite war movie ever.

Saving Private Ryan wins, Apocalypse Now is kinda boring.

Though Saving Private Ryan is more emotionally powerful, Apocalypse Now is simply a masterpiece.

i love both of the films, they are my top 2 favourite war films, but saving private ryan is a typical war film, on the other hand I have never seen such a powerful film in my life Apocalypse now!

Saving private ryan is More REALISTIC and has better cinematography but apocalypse now performances are better dialogy is More memorible charecters are MORE memorible scenes are MORE memorible so apocalypse now wins by long shot

Apocalypse Now is the better war classic.

Apocalypse Now. Saving Private Ryan has an amazing first and final act, but I don't love the slower middle as much. Apocalypse Now is uncompromising the whole way through. The Flight of the Valkyries and Kurtz's monologue are some of the best scenes in any war film ever.