The Incredibles vs. Finding Nemo



I hate Pixar versus Pixar, always a hard one.

Here's a matchup I've been waiting for. These are my two favorite Pixar movies (so far; I haven't seen Up yet). But while The Incredibles is great fun, with great action and a wonderful satire of comic book movies, I'll go for the absolutely stunning visuals and more emotionally resonant story of Finding Nemo any day. I've probably watched Nemo 20 times, and I still never get sick of it.

I vote for "The Incredibles".

I don't like The Incredibles nearly as much as everyone else does.

The Incredibles for me.It's Pixar's best film.I liked Finding Nemo less on repeated viewings.

Extremely tough choice. I'm probably going to have to go with Finding Nemo, but they are both fantastic...


I have to go for The Incredibles, simply because I could watch it over and over and it still holds up. There's no denying Finding Nemo's genious, though.

"The Incredibles" for me. It explores what happens when we try to remain useful when the world says there's nothing for us to do. Add in the message about family, and you've got a winner.

Extremely tough choice?? not so for me. I think the sole looks/effects in Nemo are the reason I still prefer it over any other Pixar/Disney film. Not to mention a captivating story and comical characters.

Finding Nemo, enough said! The Incredibles is good, don't get me wrong. Everything pixar does is good. But it's not hard for to pick which of these two is better. Nemo is funnier, the music is better and the characters are easier to engage with and feel sympathy for. Finding Nemo's probably pixar's best feature film.

The Incredible's is a dumb movie. Pixar was tired and not thinking strait during the making of that movie. Finding Nemo on the other hand, it wonderful and funny and warming. Plus, it has way better animation.

Next to Cars, The Incredibles is my least favorite Pixar movie. Still better than most, but it just doesn't stand up to Nemo.

Is Finding Nemo Pixar's worst? I reckon so.

Saying Finding Nemo is Pixar's worst is crazy. It's in it's top 3 for sure.

I wouldn't put it in the top 3 but I wouldn't call it the worst either. In my opinion cars was the worst, and the fact that pixar is only making second cars because of the merchandise revenue makes me very grumpy. Incredibles is my favorite pixar movie though so I'll go with that.

In all honesty, I never really liked The Incredibles. I have grown to expect Pixar films to pack a solid emotional punch in their stories and I felt nothing in The Incredibles. Finding Nemo really hit me where the heart is and has to be my choice.

I almost hadaheart attack when I read the first three words of malreynolds88's comment.

Finding Nemo is one of the best movies ever. kinda. it had so much adventure. anything can happen because of them looking for one small fish in the whole fucking ocean. the incredibles was slow thogh entertaining. FINDING NEMO FOR THE WIN

Incredibles wins. I just didn't enjoy Finding Nemo that much, although it was a great film.

I always hated The Incredibles. Finding Nemo.

I finally got the chance to see these two movies for the first time fairly recently, so I have no feelings of nostalgia for either. The Incredibles is simply the better film. It has the stronger character development and story structure (which make it a more palatable movie for adults to watch). Finding Nemo is just too much "for the kids."

I'm not that fond of Pixar movies, but that's not me saying they are bad. I think the plot and way the movies are made are very good, I think it is me personally not being able to connect with animation and a story aimed to children very well. Most children's movies I have high on my list are from my childhood and because of the nostalgia factor Caesar was talking about. That being said, I pick Nemo because of fish are pretty.

I love Nemo, but The Incredibles is just something else.

I'm gonna agree with JC13 and what Caesar is saying. I love Nemo, don't get me wrong but the film feels like going from here, to there, to here, to there, meeting them, getting dropped off somewhere and meeting another group of people! The structure to The Incredibles is stronger and it has the more likeable characters, in my opinion. One of Pixar's most creative films. I just love the concept of a family of superheroes. Incredibles. "WHERE'S MY SUPA SUIT!?"

Back when I'd only seen each of these once, Finding Nemo would've come out the victor. Subsequent viewings, however, have caused The Incredibles to rise and Finding Nemo to fall. Both are prime examples of why Pixar deserves all the credit they get, but I guess I just take to the concept of The Incredibles more than that of Finding Nemo. And, in general, more to Brad Bird than to Andrew Stanton, though WALL-E is still my favorite Pixar film.

Nemo, just.

Finding Nemo is the stronger work.

The Incredibles for me. My second favorite Pixar movie after Toy Story. Still waiting for that sequel though...

Omg, this is actually quite difficult. I'll say nemo, barely

Incredible deserves kudos for the Cape-incident reminder and the cool ending. Barely wins.

Finding Nemo gets the edge here

A Bug's Life plus The Incredible. And you'll get the greatest animated pack of them all. Both are quality movies, but I'm not much into Pixar anyways.

The incredibles is great of course, but for me it's Finding Nemo all the way. It found a place in my heart.

The Incredibles

Finding Nemo!!! My fave pixar movie

ugh... so hard... nemo

Finding nemo is my favourite pixar movie!

Finding Nemo is a little better

Nemo. Love that movie!

I agree with the other 21 people. I like Nemo more too! Incredibles was cool too. But you can never go wrong with Finding Nemo.

I agree with the other 21 people. I like Nemo more too! Incredibles was cool too. But you can never go wrong with Finding Nemo.

Both are charming Pixar films, but Finding Nemo is that far good amazing.

The Incredibles is better in my opinion

The Incredibles is pretty damn near perfect. Can't think of a single major flaw. Finding Nemo is also really great, but Dory, Nemo, and the Tank Gang can't compete with the titular Incredibles, Frozone, and Edna Mode. Finding Nemo is more emotional, but I found the Incredibles to be funnier, more enjoyable, have a better climax, have the best Pixar villain, have a wonderful plot, and have action that rivals live action superhero movies. The Incredibles wins here.

Both are amazing but The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie, the action, the humor, the characters, the story I love everything about that film, so it beats Finding Nemo, which is also in my top 5 fav Pixar movies