Spirited Away vs. Pan's Labyrinth



on 12/19/2009

Two fantastic fantasies. Labyrinth gets the win though for being so fantastical and real.

on 12/29/2009

Too hard! What a rude couple to choose from! It has to be Spirited Away. No, Pan's Labyrinth!

on 1/17/2010

The films are more-or-less equal, in my mind, but at least Spirited Away has a happy ending.

on 2/2/2010

the hardest choice!


on 4/14/2010

I loved Spirited Away, but this isn't tough for me at all -- Pan's Labyrinth all the way.

on 5/12/2010

Pan's Labyrinth just rubbed me the wrong way.

on 7/31/2010

Yikes. I'll stick with Pan's Labyrinth though.

on 4/13/2012

These BOTH rubbed me the wrong way. I'm choosing Pan's Labyrinth purely because it was more intelligible.

on 4/27/2012

Both are in my top 10 ... but I have to go with Spirited Away by a little bit. Pan's Labyrinth was deeper in both its storytelling and messages, while Spirited Away was more fun to watch and executed more beautifully and had a soundtrack to die for; take your pick. Why are all "Alice in Wonderland" movies so good (except for, ironically, those actually titled "Alice in Wonderland")? You start off with The Wizard of Oz in 1939, and now comes two more masterpieces of the 21st century.

on 3/6/2013

Pan's, both fantastic but to me Pan's is a masterpiece

on 3/6/2013

Pan made no sense to me. Spirited Away, on the other hand, was the perfect animated film. It was just soo good. I'm going with Spirited Away.

on 7/20/2014

I prefer spirited away it was more creative, imaginative and complex besides it has the most beautiful soundtrack ever and the character design was better

on 6/18/2015

Wow, tough choice but Spirited Away is so unique and creative that I have to go with it

on 8/16/2015

Spirited Away is one of the best looking animated films ever made, but the plot isn't very good. It seems more like a movie for kids. PL has deep themes and symbolism which I like.

on 8/16/2015

Pan, without a second thought...

on 9/24/2015

One of the hardest choices on this website. Pan's Labyrinth takes the slight victory, though.

on 11/26/2015

Most people choose Pan, but I think Spirited Away is just slightly, ever-so-slightly, better. I do admit that Pan had far more tension, suspense, and a sacrificial powerful ending. However, Spirited Away brings in the crazy creativity and unique messages. Despite having an ending that goes nowhere, I personally prefer "joyous" movies to "tragic" movies in general. That is not to say that this wasn't hard; in the end it just came to my personal taste.

on 8/9/2016

My past self is correct, I believe. Pan's does fall apart when reviewed on an analytical basis. Both are fantastical but Spirited away is more believable. Even if, as my past self had sad, S.A.'s ending is weak, the happy ending I believe takes the cake. Close call.

on 10/19/2016

Slight, slight edge to PAN'S LABYRINTH though I almost expect Spirited Away to topple it on re-watch. Two absolutely phenomenal films of the 21st Century with two of the most beautifully realized fantastical realms for my money. Both movies absolutely floor me for its emotional vibrancy and visual attentiveness.

on 12/8/2017

i absolutely love both, but i prefer miyazaki to del toro here

on 4/6/2018

Pan's Labyrinth takes the win quite comfortably in this match-up!

on 5/14/2018

Spirited Away.

on 11/16/2019

Spirited Away is technically one of the greatest anime films ever.