How to Choose Your Favorite Movie in 1,000,000 Easy Steps!

Ben Shoemaker

Ben Shoemaker was sent from the future to warn you which movies to avoid! In his spare time he is a stay-at-home dad who loves movies, music, books, cycling, and playing soccer. He enjoys good films of any kind but particularly likes: Crime/Mystery/Noir, Science-Fiction/Fantasy, or anything Swashbuckling. You can find him on flickchart as benshoemaker.

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10 Responses

  1. It’s like you guys know me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well encapsulated Ben!

  3. (That above comment was from me, but Facebook wasn’t logging me in properly so it showed up as anonymous. It still isn’t but I’ve now commented as a guest … I guess.)

  4. Ben Shoemaker says:

    Thanks, Derek! (I’m pretty sure you just revealed yourself as a member of Flickcharters Anonymous!) :) I look forward to your next article on the process of Flickcharting.

  5. David Conrad says:

    “(One poor soul accidentally ranked Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 as their number two movie. Don’t worry – their chart is fine now and they are making a full recovery.)”

    The nightmares are getting less frequent.

    • David Conrad says:

      Also: “After using Flickchart for a few months, I have a few observations:

      Flickchart will force you to compare movies you would never have compared.
      Flickchart will inspire you to re-watch movies you haven’t seen in a while.
      Flickchart will change your opinions of movies (for better or for worse).
      Flickchart will identify movies you need to see (and others to avoid).”

      Wow, you made this observation after a few months? It’s took me years to understand that I wasn’t just wasting time!

  6. Ben Shoemaker says:

    David, I’m glad to hear you’re recovering well. Flickchart really clicks with the way I think about movies. At first I was somewhat distressed that my chart was incomplete and inaccurate. Over time I’ve learned that every problem has the same solution–more ranking! The more you rank the closer you get to the “perfect” chart. :)

  7. Shanti says:

    Nicely written. You’ve convinced me to give it a try. I can think of two other people, movie nuts both, who will love to hear about this!

  8. Ben Shoemaker says:

    Excellent! I am glad to hear you’re willing to give it a try. I have found ranking films on Flickchart to be an essential complement to watching and thinking about films. Happy Flickcharting!