Making A List, Checking It Twice: Algorithmic List Generation vs. Handcrafted List-Making

Derek Armstrong

Derek is a film critic, currently writing for the Australian film website ReelGood as well as his personal blog, The Audient.

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4 Responses

  1. David Conrad says:

    I love seeing the discrepancies between what I think my ranking is and what Flickchart shows my ranking is. It’s particularly odd with franchises like Bond and Star Trek. For annual lists, my organic ones (which I also maintain) match up pretty well with my Flickchart. I’ve actually come to trust myself on Flickchart a bit more than myself offline, because I struggle with my massive decade list of 80s movies, and Flickchart can sort of “confirm” whether I’m putting a title in about the right region of the list.

    • David Conrad says:

      And I think the reason it’s odd with franchises is that, with them, what I like best is not always what IS best, and my Flickchart method takes objective quality, to the extent that that exists, into consideration more heavily than personal favoritism. Not all the time, but most of the time. And due to my tastes, this generally turns out to be a discrepancy only with fanboy franchises.

  2. While everyone’s Flickchart experience is different, personally I must admit I feel you’re doing your list a disservice by not re-ranking films after re-watches. If Snowpiercer doesn’t hold up to multiple viewings, it shouldn’t hold it’s spot on your list. For example, Under The Skin fell over two hundred spots on my list after its second viewing didn’t live up to the first one. I also don’t understand how your #1 movie of 2014 wouldn’t be the #1 movie of 2014 on your Flickchart rankings. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about creating lists.-JL

  3. Jandy Hardesty says:

    I do my manual lists on Letterboxd now, but I have similar discrepancies between those lists and my Flickchart ones. I recently finished making ranked favorite lists for every year on Letterboxd, and I haven’t even checked most of them against Flickchart because I think it would definitely lead to me nuking my chart in despair. You’ve added everything to your chart by title, so theoretically they should all be in the right place (though I agree with amateurcinefile, you should probably rerank after rewatching something or it’s going to create problems later on), while I haven’t done that, so my chart has the added wrinkle of definitely having some stuff in the wrong place.