Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

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Directed By Banksy Banksy Starring Rhys Ifans Rhys Ifans  •  Banksy Banksy  •  Shepard Fairey Shepard Fairey  •  Thierry Guetta Thierry Guetta  •  Space Invader Space Invader Genres Culture and Society  •  Documentary Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  Oscilloscope  •  Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Nominated  •  Paste Magazine's 100 Best Documentaries of All Time
Release Info 2010-01-24T00:00:00Z January 24, 2010
Color  •  87 minutes R Rated R
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Comments (1)


topichtennis on 1/21/2011 Reply  · 

There's a line towards the end of the movie that describes this film perfectly. "I'm not sure who the jokes on, I'm not even sure if there is a joke." Is the joke on the audience, the art community, or the pedestrians who spend thousands on this art? I really don't know, but in the end I don't think that matters. I really do love the title, because the movie is like a giant roller coaster at an amusement park. There is the long tedious trek up the first hill. And then at some point that hill breaks and you're moving at maximum speed through all these twists and turns. The breaking point though is different for each audience member, as to when they start to question the validity of everything they just saw. I had no idea who the Banksy was or this Mr. Brainwash, so the joke hit me pretty late. Maybe the joke was on me this whole time.


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