Moonraker vs. The Spy Who Loved Me



Till the question "Which is the better Bond" comes up, let us analyze, which Moore Bond film is the better one?

The only two Bond films featuring Jaws... It's close, but I think that Moonraker is better because it has even more great (and sometimes ridiculous) ideas than The Spy Who Loved Me. Both are among my favourite Bond movies, though, as I particularly love the slightly cheesy Moore Bonds of the 70s and 80s.

The Spy Who Loved me is more entertaining overall and has a better theme song. Moonraker is the third best Moore Bond, while The Spy Who Loved Me is the first.

"The Spy Who Loved Me" is one of the best Bond films. "Moonraker" has its merits here and there (some great set direction and stunt work) but is overall a shameless, and lame, cash-in on the post-"Star Wars" sci-fi craze. It is one of the very worst 007 movies.

I'm stunned by the fact there's support for "Moonraker," generally recognized as the worst Bond movie yet (though it still stands as one of the most commercially successful of the series). TSWLM is easily Moore's finest outing as 007, even if it is a redress of "You Only Live Twice."

Bondathon continues...: Moonraker vs. The Spy Who Loved Me. James Bond...IN SPACE! Moonraker indeed seems like a shameless cash-in if you consider that it was released 2 years after the highly successful Star Wars and somewhat successful Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But it also seems like a logical next step in the Bond franchise: James Bond has travelled to almost every corner in the world up to this point. A trip to space for James Bond seemed like a fresh idea for the series. Anyway, I don't care at all if James Bond in space is a good or a bad thing, because Moonraker is one damn boring James Bond movie. The villain has basically the same evil plans as the villain in TSWLM, the Bondgirl is forgetable, Jaws is a joke and the action is incredibly lame. I can see the producers thinking ‘hm…what made Star Wars so good…I know! Space, spaceships and…LASERS! $$$’. And it worked: Moonraker was the most successful James Bond movie financially until Goldeneye 16 years later. Moonraker isn’t as bad as Diamonds are Forever, but it is a lot more boring by far. Next up: For Your Eyes Only.

Moonraker is good, The Spy Who Loved Me is great.

Jaw's first outing is much better than Jaws falling in love.

Moonraker may be crazier, but edge to the Spy Who Loved Me