The Dark Knight Rises vs. Spider-Man



I'm gonna have to get back to the world on this one. Spidey 1 needs another rewatch.

Rises. Spider-Man hasn't aged well.

Rises by far.

no way, spidey wins. Rises is OR

The Dark Knight Rises. Spider-Man is great but TDKR is so well done and emotionally satisfying.

wasn't a big fan of DKR at first and I use to love Spider-Man now my views have changed so im picking DKR but its close!

Cool matchup! While I feel that the first Spider-Man movie is pretty underrated, I have to go with TDKR.

TDKR. More thrilling, and a scary villain.

Spider-Man. More coherent, and great casting.

Yes, Spider-Man is more coherent has great casting AND is the better all around film.

TDKR had more memorable characters and FAR better dialogue!

Spider-Man changed the movie making game. TDKR just makes real fans sad.

Spider-Man is still a joy. TDKR is still a disappointing mess. That is cemented in stone forever at this point.

Most for sure Spider-Man, TDKR is beyond disappointing bad ending of the trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises delivers a satisfying and emotional conclusion to a trilogy which will go down in history as one of the best ever, although Spider-Man is a good film too

Spider-Man destroys any Nolan film let alone one of his worst. One of the genre's worst if you are being honest and have an actual brain.

Rises is definitely the far superior film. I see that Avenger7 has probably returned to this site.

Imagine thinking that SM1 is better than Inception or Memento or The Prestige. Marvel fanboys.

just rewatched both and the gap is a bit closer

Spider-Man is decent far better and greatest story.

yea spider-man 1 is good but some things on it doesn't age well

no spider-man 1 is NOT good at all even spiderman 3 is better

nah spiderman 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>> 3

The Dark Knight Rises is just awful. No two ways around it.