RoboCop vs. The Terminator



Woah! Tough one!

By the skin of his metalic teeth.... Terminator gets it

Robocop VS Terminator... Damn, this could make an epic movie with Frank Miller's screeplay and Verhoeven or Cameron directing. Now for the choice, sorry Murphy but you can't match up the T-800

Remember the Snes game? Robocop Vs. Terminator?

I'll go with Robocop. Great stuff...and the sneaky amount of laughs puts it over the top...

I'd buy that for a dollar! RoboCop wins.

RoboCop slips into 80s catch phrase fodder territory more than I'd like it to (there's a "one liner beat" every 5 to 10 minutes, sigh), but when it's good, it's generously good.

the terminator

Mega Drive/Genesis for me.

I'm going to go with Terminator, although Robocop is quite good also.

The Terminator.

Robocop was fun (and surprisingly sympathetic at times), but Terminator was much more intense and overall, had much less to its detriment. Terminator wins.

I'm going with RoboCop. Both are dated, but RoboCop was more my cup of tea.


Terminator is great but Robocop is the better movie.


Both are great sic-fi robotic actioners, but The Terminator is greater than RoboCop.


RoboCop, but Terminator was fantastic.

I love both equally but Terminator wins.

RoboCop was a great, fun time BUT in my opinion, The Terminator is better than its critically acclaimed sequel. Hence, it has no trouble beating RoboCop.

I think that the symbolism of Robocop was smart, but it's not enough to win this matchup when Terminator is all-round more enjoyable.

I enjoy The Terminator more, but I think RoboCop is the smarter, more nuanced film.

RoboCop was very good, Terminator was great!

Both classics, but Robocop gets the edge for its satire

Slightly prefer the darker tone of Terminator.

Terminator is more decent entertainment.

The terminator wins. You burn the flesh totally, the metal will get you, explode the metal, he will crawl into either your death or his.

The Terminator. Cybernetic people disgust me. A man should be like Hercules, Wolverine, Zack Effron, etc. Half-Cybernetic men are repulsive, and I don't care if this sounds mean. As a man, I would rather die than be turned into a cyborg or of similarities to cyborgs. The visual displacement of inductive sense that I feel when watching a cyborg is quite unpleasant. Its like a hair lice in how annoying to me it can be.

Not that tough for me. The terminator wins. Totally bad ass.

I will make an exception here in this match-up, even though 'The Terminator' is close to horror, 'Robocop' made me love Robocop because his past history as a brave, determined, helpful cop ended so tragically, he was brutally murdered and became the property of OCP. With all of that, he still serves justice having his soul enslaved by OCP, having no rights.

Terminator 2 is one of my all-time favorite movies, but Terminator 1, while also very good, never quite seems to win me over completely. I honestly prefer RoboCop