The Terminator vs. Conan the Barbarian



Hmm. I need to think about this one.....

Terminator wins easily. Parts of Conan were good but others were just boring. Terminator, on the other hand, is a thrill ride from start to finish.

Terminator indeed. While I wouldn't really call Conan the Barbarian, its pacing is a bit too slow for me. Besides, it never really grabbed me. Sure, Arnold slices and dices, but it's not really as entertaining as it sounds. The Terminator is pretty dated, but still a lot of fun.

call Conan the Barbarian boring*

Yeah, I agree. Terminator is way more entertaining and more well made.

Terminator is 10X the movie Conan is...

Terminator is 100X the film that Conan is...

I disagree with all, I'd put these two on at least the same level. Though, undeniably, Terminator is king.

Really wasn't a fan of Conan. The Terminator still stands as one of Arnold's most entertaining films

My number 1 movie wins. 8-0

It's obviously The Terminator.

Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?