The Terminator vs. Total Recall



Is there even a question here? Total Recall is nothing when placed alongside the first two Terminators.

I would argue that Total Recall is better

Total Recall is Arnie's best.

Total Recall is good, but The Terminator is a classic.

The Terminator wins, hands down. The story and craft are excellent, which is something Total Recall really can't boast. Actually, most Verhoeven films can't boast much in the way of craft. Even Robocop, which is my favorite Verhoeven film, isn't particularly well-made. Anyway, Terminator wins this one for me.


Love both, but Terminator is my pick.

Total a hair

The Terminator, but I love both very much.

Total Recall is a fantastic action movie which is truly one of the best action movies I've seen but The Terminator is one of the best and most influential movies ever.

Love them both.

Total Recall. T2 over it though.

What a tough one, I say Total Recall now - but T2 kicks both their asses.

Total Recall by a lot. A whole lot. And I love The Terminator.