Le samouraï vs. Drive



Drive's a direct descendant of Le Samourai, it's just got more neon and Oscar Isaac. These are actually pretty close for me - do I go with neon style and a fantastic soundtrack or Melville and Alain Delon on their best day? Some people don't like Gosling's staring, but it makes my nipples hard. C'est la vie. It's Drive, for me.

Drive wins...but Le samourai is incredible.

both top 20 but drive

Le samourai is great, but Drive is top 20.

American artsy > French artsy

Drive is nothing compared to the Samourai, c'mon

A lot of people overvaluing Drive here. I like Drive but it's not even close to Le samourai, really.

I liked Le Samouraï for its methodical pacing and cool and slick protagonist. But Drive has all that as well, and I love the soundtrack in that movie too. Drive wins it for me.