Cast Away vs. Iron Man




not even close. The Cast Away was aweful.

Castaway is by no means great, but Iron Man is way over rated.

Tom Hanks is brilliant in Cast Away. But I also happen to think that Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant in Iron Man, and that movie is arguably more fun. (I like Cast Away, but it's also a little too long....)

I remember Cast Away being awesome, while Iron Man was just fun. It has been a while since I've seen it though...

I find Cast Away memorable for two reasons only: Wilson and Tom Hanks' performance. I could go on quite the long tangent if you asked me why I found Iron Man memorable...

Weird matchup, but I go with Iron Man all the way.

Unless I see Tony Stark spend 40 minutes of Iron Man 2 talking to a volleyball and making it work, i'm going cast away

Unless Cast Away is a completely different, and by different I mean better, movie then when I last saw it, I'm going with Iron Man

Iron Man is such an overrated movie. Iron Man would have been boring as hell if Robert Downey Jr. wasn't in it. Cast Away all the way

For what it was, Cast Away was good. Applaud Tom Hanks for taking the risky role, but Iron Man is better.

Two movies that could have been horribly boring if not for a great lead performance. I'd pick Cast Away.

I agree with Ironman being overrated. It was so boring to me that I actually fell asleep watching it. Castaway wins.

There is a scene near the end of Cast Away where he comes home to Helen Hunt after being thought "dead" for SO long...knowing he had given her the ring before he left, now she has moved on, and all the foreshadowing before the flight...that scene was gut-wrenching and made me feel more in a few seconds than the entire Iron Man movie. But as an experience and based solely on what I'd want to watch, Iron Man wins this match-up.

There are too many dull stretches in Cast Away for it to win this matchup...Iron Man all the way.

Not to hard for me I choose Cast Away

I will let my list decide.

Cast Away for sure. The original Iron Man is one of the above average Disney/Marvel movies but Tom Hanks alone on an island is more my kind of movie.

Iron mans special affects are on par with the syfy channel, it isn't anywhere as good as cast away


Castaway, pretty easily.