10 Great Tom Cruise Roles You Have To Watch

John Murphy

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12 Responses

  1. Casey Rhodes Casey Rhodes says:

    These lists are subjective of course. That said, completely wrong.

    • Flickchart Flickchart says:

      What’s your Top 10 Cruise movies look like?

    • Casey Rhodes Casey Rhodes says:

      10. Risky Business 9. Mission Impossible 3 (yes, the best one) 8. The Color of Money 7. Taps 6. The Color of Money 5. Legend 4. Rain Man 3. Top Gun 2. The Outsiders 1. Magnolia

    • Nigel Druitt says:

      I agree with M:i:III being the best. Just ahead of Ghost Protocol.
      Edge of Tomorrow is completely awesome; on rewatch, it may even overtake Minority Report as my favorite Cruise film.

    • I suppose I should put my personal top 10 list. Here it is with some short blurbs about why.

      10. Magnolia – just a wonderful film.
      9. Jack Reacher – a great action film with a very memorable car chase scene.
      8. Born on the 4th of July – powerful acting by tom cruise
      7. A Few Good Men – great cast and a gripping courtroom drama
      6. Rain Man – emotional performances by both Hoffman and Cruise
      5. Eyes Wide Shut – a unique film by Kubrick
      4. Top Gun – action packed and so 80s.
      3. Minority Report – one of the best sci fi movie experiences.
      2. Edge of Tomorrow – another great sci fi movie and very funny.
      1. Days of Thunder – mostly nostalgic but also great work by Cruise and Duvall.

  2. Gosh, Magnolia. Such an intense performance from him. I think that was the one where I thought, “Huh. Cruise can really act!”

  3. wildhunt1 says:

    My top 9 Tom Cruise films (I don’t know why I don’t have 10 yet…strange…) 1. Edge of Tomorrow. 2. The Firm. 3. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. 4. Mission: Impossible III. 5. Mission: Impossible. 6. Vanilla Sky. 7. Days of Thunder. 8. Minority Report. 9. Mission: Impossible 2.

  4. Ned says:

    Is this his best movies or his best roles, because he’s been nominated for three oscars and two of those films aren’t on this list.

  5. What about Jerry Maguire?

    • John Murphy says:

      Jerry Maguire is currently at #11 on Flickchart. I’m pretty certain it was in the top 10 until Edge of Tomorrow was released. It’s a good film no doubt but just couldn’t break through to stay on the list.

  6. Andrzej Duralewski says:

    Really liked him in Magnolia and Jerry Maguire. The Last Samurai was also a decent film and worth noticing is his small but memorable role in Tropic Thunder. On the other hand Vanilla Sky was a disappointment.