The Depths Of Obscurity: Holiday Edition

Alex Stajos

Like all too many that spend countless hours ranking and endlessly debating the merits of films long since forgotten by most, I am addicted to film. I work as a computer programmer, but my passion is film. I started writing about film a few years ago when I found it irritating that a few months after watching a movie, most of memory of it would be completely gone. To preserve my impressions on a movie I started writing about every one I watched and eventually started chronicling them on my blog. Once I started this, I was hooked. There isn't a period or a genre that doesn't interest me, I'll watch and write about anything. A couple of years and hundreds of movies later, I still can't get enough.

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4 Responses

  1. Travis McClain says:

    I have to say, I’ve had a much harder time finding any holiday fare on TV this year than expected. It seems every time I tried to find something to put me in the mood, all I could find were the standard stock comedies of the last decade. USA dedicated a weekend to Indiana Jones that was fun, but hardly holiday-themed.

    Anyway, I’ll spend the next eleven months looking for these four titles on DVD so I won’t be at the mercy of TV programmers for content next year. I’ve heard of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” and meant to see it for years now but still haven’t gotten around to it. The other three are entirely new to me, and I have to give you credit here for some thorough summaries/reviews.

    Incidentally, viewers wanting to watch something that’s set at Christmastime but isn’t about finding the true meaning, etc., should remember that “Die Hard,” “Batman Returns” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” are all valid choices, as is this year’s “Red” which hits Blu-ray next month.

  2. johnmason says:

    After reading your description, I have to wonder…did the makers of Toy Story 3 rip off some elements of Quincy’s Quest?? :D

  3. Hannah M says:

    Growing up, my family and I always watched the Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visitors every year. I submitted it to FlickChart a few weeks ago so now I get to rank it up among my favorite holiday movies. Granted, it’s a pretty narrow target audience (limited to those who enjoy opera, or at the very least musicals) but it’s one of my favorite unknown Christmas movies.

  4. Alex Stajos says:

    @Travis McClain ‘Die Hard’ is my all time favorite holiday movie. It just isn’t Christmas without a little Bruce Willis.

    @johnmason Hah! Good catch. Now that you mention it there are some eerie similarities. Only ‘Toy Story 3’ doesn’t induce cerebral hemorrhaging.

    @Hannah M ‘Amahl’ sounds amazing. It’s definitely making into next years Christmas edition!