Flickchart Daily: Starz Leaves Netflix and a Matchup of The Day

Dan Rohr

Dan lives for five things: Movies, Jazz Rap, Statistics, Chili, and his family who have no idea how huge a nerd he really is. Like almost everybody else on this page, he has a job dealing with computer/internet-y things for a company he helped start after college. You can find him on Flickchart as espin39.  

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6 Responses

  1. gmanthebrave says:

    I wish there was a comprehensive list of the movies that will go away from Starz because I don’t think anyone really knows that they will be missing.  I suspect that if they have never seen the movie, they won’t know they’re missing it either.  I like to buy movies I really like though rather than stream them since the quality of streaming isn’t the same as Blu-ray.  In fact, now that I have a Blockbuster @Home membership with my DISH service I am finding that I like to just get the Blu-ray by-mail when I want to see a movie more than once.  I like that I can stream too when I want, but Blu-ray doesn’t cost me extra like Netflix.  Even though I work for DISH, I don’t mind paying the $10 a month since I get games too.  Perhaps there will be more crying form Netflix customers in the days to come, especially from families with kids.

  2. Ozo4653 says:

    If it wasn’t or

  3. Ozo4653 says:

    Oops, double post.  If it wasn’t for the great selection of TV shows on Netflix streaming, it wouldn’t really be worth the money anymore.  After their big screw up last summer, you’d think they would have been doing cartwheels to get a better, more current selection of streaming movies, but I think it’s only gotten worse.