The Best Movies Starring Paulo Costanzo

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Road Trip 2000, 94 min.

Todd Phillips     Starring: Breckin MeyerAmy SmartPaulo Costanzo

Comedy    Gross-Out Comedy    Road Movie

Down by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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Splinter 2008, 82 min.

Toby Wilkins     Starring: Charles BakerJill WagnerPaulo Costanzo

Body Horror    Horror    Monster Film

Up by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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Scorched 2003, 89 min.

Gavin Grazer     Starring: Alicia SilverstonePaulo CostanzoJeffrey Tambor

Comedy    Crime Comedy    Crime

Down by 586 in the past 45 days 586

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Everything's Gone Green 2006, 95 min.

Paul Fox     Starring: Steph SongJR BourneSusan Hogan

Comedy    Coming-of-Age    Urban Comedy

Down by 67 in the past 45 days 67

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That Burning Feeling 2013, 95 min.

Jason James     Starring: Paulo CostanzoIngrid HaasTyler Labine

Comedy Drama    Drama    Romance

Up by 88 in the past 45 days 88

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