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bombersflyup on 5/18/2021 Reply  · 

It's the most humorous of the Bonds and visually superb. Plus I love Jaws and Chiles is one the most beautiful. After the 3 standouts in OHMSS, Goldfinger and GoldenEye the next 4 are all Roger Moore.

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twistytwisdon on 6/2/2021 Reply  · 

Yes, I agree that the visuals are stunning, plus Jaws and Lois Chiles are both very good. I also liked Roger Moore's performance, I think he was the most comfortable in this one. What do you think of the other 007 actors?

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bombersflyup on 6/8/2021 Reply  · 

They're all great actors, don't dislike any of them. Brosnan gives perhaps the best portrayal.

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