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theblackyeti on 10/11/2012 Reply  · 

You're creeeeepy.

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Caesar on 10/27/2012 Reply  · 

Come on dude, don't talk that way about yourself. ;)

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Solidsnake102 on 6/19/2015 Reply  · 

i can smell you. you smell like.... doughnuts.

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Caesar on 8/19/2018 Reply  · 

Yeah, I actually haven't seen Battle Royale. For some reason, I've just never felt the urge to see it.

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Caesar on 8/21/2018 Reply  · 

The 122-minute version of Battle Royale is available on Netflix right now, so I went ahead and watched it. Very cool movie. I can definitely see why Quentin Tarantino loves it so much.

The big difference between it and The Hunger Games is The Hunger Games has a lot more buildup to the actual event, whereas Battle Royale starts their "game" pretty early in the film. All the buildup in The Hunger Games is actually my favorite part of the film, so for that reason, I do prefer it to Battle Royale.

Battle Royale did land pretty high on my Flickchart, particularly for a foreign film. Right now, it's ranked #654 out of 1803 films (or 64%).

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