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The Martian vs. Interstellar

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on 1/18/2016 had this to say:

"Interstellar for me. The Martian was a really enjoyable film. The visuals were pretty nice. The Mar's landscape was beautiful and I was impressed by the suits. Damon's character was absolutely charming! Funny and smart, I was rooting for him! But that's just about all he was. I realize that survival is basic human instinct but instinct seems to be Watney's only reason to survive. The film was really impersonal. We know nothing about Watney's personality. Or any of the other characters for that matter. I know he hates shitty disco music but what music does he like? And why didn't he bring his own movies, books, or music to keep himself busy on the mission? I guess he just completely dedicated his life to science. This is not necessarily a problem, but I just felt that something was missing. Where is his family? Is he in love? Does he have any other reasons for going back home? The seemingly lonely year and a half doesn't seem to bother our main character too much. We don't really know our character and it bothers me. This movie is super funny, a sci-fi movie disguised as a comedy. I'd much rather like to compare it to Apollo 13. Both are simple stories that are pretty good and could be watched again if you like. (I'm a space person so I liked Apollo a bit but not that much). But I like more serious films, ones that provoke thought. There aren't any implications in this film so I felt it was pretty empty from emotion. The complete opposite from Interstellar. So, Interstellar wins. It wasn't a simply story telling and I liked that. Interstellar provides a real emotional experience that The Martian simply doesn't have. "