Vital Signs (1990)

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Vital Signs

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During one incredible year, seven friends discover that love is alive and living in the 90's.

Directed By Marisa Silver Marisa Silver Starring Adrian Pasdar Adrian Pasdar  •  Norma Aleandro Norma Aleandro  •  Laura San Giacomo Laura San Giacomo  •  Billy Bacon Billy Bacon  •  Steve Bean Steve Bean  •  Mary Pat Gleason Mary Pat Gleason  •  Claudia Harrington Claudia Harrington  •  Charlie Hawke Charlie Hawke  •  Grant Heslov Grant Heslov  •  Telma Hopkins Telma Hopkins Genres Drama  •  Medical Drama  •  Ensemble Film Release Info 1990-04-13T00:00:00Z April 13, 1990
Color  •  103 minutes R Rated R
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