Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

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Terminator: Dark Fate

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Welcome to the Day after Judgment Day

Directed By Tim Miller Tim Miller Starring Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton  •  Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger  •  Mackenzie Davis Mackenzie Davis  •  Natalia Reyes Natalia Reyes  •  Gabriel Luna Gabriel Luna Genres Action  •  Cyborg / Android / Robot  •  Dystopian Film  •  Post-Apocalyptic Film  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Time Travel Film Studios &
The Terminator
Release Info 2019-10-23T00:00:00Z October 23, 2019
Color  •  128 minutes R Rated R
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Terminator: Dark Fate vs. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Terminator: Dark Fate Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace VS.

Verticen said on Mar 7

"Dark fate was hot garbage. Any George Lucas Starwars looks like a masterpiece in comparison." more ►

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Comments (8)


Eagleskywalker87 on 11/4/2019 Reply  · 

A complete nothing of a movie that makes all the mistakes you would expect

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RussIsHere on 11/5/2019 Reply  · 

Its a slightly better version of T3, still miles away from Cameron's original two classics. Good to see Hamilton back and Arnold's performance is much more interesting than that crapstain Genisys. Unfortunately like every other attempted continuation, it doesn't fully justify its existence and will just fade away...

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johnmason on 11/22/2019 Reply  · 

It's impossible to follow up T2 with anything that could possibly be said to measure up. That said, I enjoyed this movie. It has the right Terminator flavor, Linda Hamilton is still badass. The opening scene was brilliantly realized (though I'm conflicted about how I felt about it). I say: Not bad at all.

Damn, I still miss The Sarah Connor Chronicles, though...

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Fontinella on 2/2/2020 Reply  · 

Was there a worse movie in 2019 than Terminator Woke Fate?

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TommyDoyle2016 on 8/1/2020 Reply  · 

Oh yeah, let me guess why you disliked it so much.
Too many subtitles? Too many Mexicans? Too many independent women? Damn, now now, this is a hard one.

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IloveMovie243 on 10/19/2020 Reply  · 

Oh come on. Don't bring that crap on. When people say woke, they mean force diversity. Not diversity in general. Forced as in "Look at us! We're progressive!". The kind that's shoved down your throat. People don't have a problem with Mexicans in Terminator, I have a problem with 5'1 skinny people being able to fight a T head on without her dying on the first hit on like her FIRST DAY OF THIS. And we have a problem with them killing off John Conner, to replace him with another one, but worse. She's worse because her only two characters are yelling, and being a tool. And T-fans never had a problem with strong woman, because the two most loved ones have a strong woman in them. Sarah Conner. Sarah Conner went from a normal everyday person into a BA from T1 to T2. and she didn't do it on the first day. And she didn't replace a beloved character. And she struggles, which makes her a much more interesting character, and more relatable. T-Fans don't have a problem with Mexicans, Subtitles, or independent woman (again, Sarah Conner!). They have a problem with dreadful writing, horrible characters, giving the middle finger to T2, and awful plots. Stop with this "your a sexist racist manbaby if you didn't like T:DF" Crap. Because it's so dishonest and... Just fricking silly.

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watchman on 2/14/2020 Reply  · 

Please, stop making terminator movies.

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JimmyMcGill on 8/27/2022 Reply  · 

Has some radical ideas and mediocre execution.

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