Carrie (1976)

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Take Carrie to the prom. I dare you!

Directed By Brian De Palma Brian De Palma Starring Sissy Spacek Sissy Spacek  •  Piper Laurie Piper Laurie  •  Amy Irving Amy Irving  •  William Katt William Katt  •  John Travolta John Travolta Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Coming-of-Age  •  Horror  •  New Hollywood  •  Religious Horror  •  Revenge Film  •  Supernatural Horror  •  Supernatural Thriller  •  Teen Movie  •  Thriller Studios &
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Release Info 1976-11-03T00:00:00Z November 3, 1976
Color  •  98 minutes R Rated R
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Comments (1)


WaitingScene on 11/13/2010 Reply  · 

What a sweet story.
I loved how Tommy was so nice to Carrie, and how in the end she got to be prom queen.
It shows how there's something to appreciate in everyone, and how, with a lot of courage, and a little support, even a so-called 'ugly duckling' can find great friendships and be accepted for who they are.
It may not be representative of De Palma's ouvre, but it's nice to see him step out of his comfort zone for once, and make a nice uplifting teen-drama in the vein of John Hughes.

P.S. I had to leave early, can anyone tell me what happened in the last 10 minutes?

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