A Few Bullets More (1967)

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A Few Bullets More

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Just Turned Seventeen!!! Just Turned Killer!!! And Running For His Life!!!

Directed By Julio Buchs Julio Buchs Starring Peter Lee Lawrence Peter Lee Lawrence  •  Fausto Tozzi Fausto Tozzi  •  Dyanik Zurakowska Dyanik Zurakowska  •  Gloria Milland Gloria Milland  •  Carlos Casaravilla Carlos Casaravilla Genres Foreign Language Film  •  Spaghetti Western  •  Western Studios &
Something Weird Video
Other Titles ...E divenne il più spietato bandito del sud [Italy]  •  El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño [Spain]  •  I'll Kill Him and Return Alone [United States]  •  The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid [United States] Release Info 1967-03-09T00:00:00Z March 9, 1967
Color  •  88 minutes G Rated G
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