Lethal Weapon (1987)

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Lethal Weapon

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If these two can learn to stand each other... the bad guys don't stand a chance.

Directed By Richard Donner Richard Donner Starring Mel Gibson Mel Gibson  •  Danny Glover Danny Glover  •  Gary Busey Gary Busey  •  Mitchell Ryan Mitchell Ryan  •  Tom Atkins Tom Atkins Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Buddy Film  •  Crime Thriller  •  Crime  •  Holiday Film  •  Odd Couple Film  •  Police Detective Film Studios &
Lethal Weapon  •  Time Out: New York's 100 Best Action Movies  •  NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture Winning  •  1,000 Noir Films: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn't They?
Release Info 1987-03-06T00:00:00Z March 6, 1987
Color  •  117 minutes R Rated R
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Comments (5)


Arthouse on 10/7/2014 Reply  · 

This is one of my favorite buddy films ever.

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MagnusRex on 5/16/2015 Reply  · 

Bad Boys 2 was fun, in an amusement park sort of way, but ultimately was just another loud, boorish popcorn flick. Lethal Weapon is a classic. Brilliantly written, and its influence over future action/buddy was game changing. LW2 for the win.

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Danny237 on 5/26/2015 Reply  · 

Thanks for the relevant comment.

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JC13 on 6/5/2016 Reply  · 

Gibson and Glover have great chemistry and the film is a lot of fun.

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hambone88 on 10/6/2016 Reply  · 

It reminded me alot of die hard while I was watching it, but I don't think it's as good. I still enjoyed this movie though.

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