Fighting Back (1982)

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Fighting Back

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Thieves, Pimps, Prostitutes, Muggers and Drug Dealers beware. John D'Angelo's out to make his neighbourhood safe. He's declaring his own personal war on crime and he doesn't want your kind around here any more.

Directed By Lewis Teague Lewis Teague Starring David Rasche David Rasche  •  Donna de Varona Donna de Varona  •  Gina de Angelis Gina de Angelis  •  Pat Cooper Pat Cooper  •  Jim Lovelett Jim Lovelett  •  Joe Ragno Joe Ragno  •  Frank Sivero Frank Sivero  •  Tom Skerritt Tom Skerritt  •  Patti LuPone Patti LuPone  •  Michael Sarrazin Michael Sarrazin Genres Crime  •  Drama  •  Psychological Drama  •  Crime Drama  •  Urban Drama Release Info 1982-05-21T00:00:00Z May 21, 1982
Color  •  98 minutes R Rated R
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