One Night in the Tropics (1940)

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One Night in the Tropics

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Directed By A. Edward Sutherland A. Edward Sutherland Starring Allan Jones Allan Jones  •  Nancy Kelly Nancy Kelly  •  Bud Abbott Bud Abbott  •  Lou Costello Lou Costello  •  Robert Cummings Robert Cummings Genres Comedy  •  Musical  •  Musical Comedy  •  Romance  •  Romantic Comedy Studios &
Abbott and Costello
Release Info 1940-11-15T00:00:00Z November 15, 1940
B&W  •  82 minutes NR Rated NR
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Comments (1)


Cinema4Pylon on 3/3/2013 Reply  · 

The leads - Allan Jones and Robert Cummings - are OK and the musical sequences are relatively bland in this exceedingly slight romp, but most likely viewers now would only check it out for the big screen debut of Abbott and Costello. They were successful enough here to get a Universal contract, and really took off with their next film (their first as leads), Buck Privates.

In Tropics, the plot is negligible, and one doesn't have to wait too long for the A&C bits, all of which are goofy and engaging. They include a truncated version of "Who's on First?" outside of a taxicab; a car ride where Lou attempts to tell a story about Jonah and the Whale ("What do you think I do -- belong to a whale gang?"); a payday where Bud bilks Lou slowly but surely out of everything but a single dollar (and he even loses that); and a seemingly simple stop at a tamale cart for a hot dog, which thanks to Lou, suddenly explodes into an argument about orphan asylums. While I did not see this film as a youth, it was this type of material that made me a fan of the pair, so it is good to see them this sharp and lovable at the very beginnings of their screen careers.

And remember: "A husband is what's left of a sweetheart after the nerve has been killed."

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