Dunkirk (2017)

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The event that shaped our world

Directed By Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan Starring Fionn Whitehead Fionn Whitehead  •  Tom Glynn-Carney Tom Glynn-Carney  •  Mark Rylance Mark Rylance  •  Tom Hardy Tom Hardy  •  Barry Keoghan Barry Keoghan Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Combat Films  •  Ensemble Film  •  Hyperlink Film  •  Period Film  •  Thriller  •  War Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  StudioCanal  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Nominated  •  London Film Critics' Circle British Film of the Year Winning
Release Info 2017-07-19T00:00:00Z July 19, 2017
Color  •  107 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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The Dark Knight Rises vs. Dunkirk

The Dark Knight Rises Dunkirk VS.

Fontinella said on Tuesday

"Both bad. The slide still hasn't ended for a once good director...will it ever or is he done..." more ►

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Comments (19)


SquareMaster316 on 7/15/2017 Reply  · 

Dunkirk will continue Nolan's flawless streak of unrivaled dominance over the cinematic landscape, further cementing himself as the Kubrick of our generation.

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djones16 on 12/8/2017 Reply  · 

agreed on the kubrick comparison, must see this as i am a fan of these kinds of movies

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Eagleskywalker87 on 7/16/2017 Reply  · 

I'm going to one of the first screenings of Dunkirk in Australia. Can't wait!

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Kersey475 on 7/19/2017 Reply  · 

Dunkirk has barely any characterization and what little action there is is too sterile. It might as well be a History Channel documentary. One of the more disappointing films of the summer.

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johnmason on 7/30/2017 Reply  · 

It's a good movie, but I mostly agree.

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Eagleskywalker87 on 7/19/2017 Reply  · 

WOW! The greatest accomplishment in cinema since the days of Hitchcock and Kubrick! Yes, it lacks characterisation but I feel like the movie is about more than just the story. It's about the situation and the event! In War, people don't sit around a campfire and talk about their lives: they try to stay alive! It's also returns to a gritty and realistic style of filmmaking that has been forgotten about in recent years, it's told in a very unique way and my heart hasn't beat so fast while watching movies in my life! This may be my favourite movie in a few years time but, for now, it sits comfortably in my top 15!

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Eagleskywalker87 on 7/19/2017 Reply  · 

And it reminded me why I loved movies and Hans Zimmer's haunting score is his best and really adds something to the movie!

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SquareMaster316 on 7/20/2017 Reply  · 

Thank god for Nolan, he literally saved the entire summer!

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eaglesflyhigh on 8/7/2017 Reply  · 

Only great filmmakers can turn a movie that's not character driven and has little dialogue into a masterpiece.

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Eagleskywalker87 on 8/13/2017 Reply  · 

Okay, I know that I've commented on Dunkirk a lot lately but who cares? It's a good movie and good movies deserve to be celebrated! I watched this for a second time with a few mates and boy, it's better than the first time. There's a lot I didn't pick on on the first viewing (e.g. Michael Caine's voice and a few hints at the timeline). Thank you Nolan for making a cinematic epic that essientally resembles a moving painting. There's hardly any character development or dialogue but the acting, the urgency, the realism, the score and the subtle hints at humanity still make it really intense!

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Zebula77 on 8/15/2017 Reply  · 

Well, this blew me away. Dunno if I LIKE it more than Inception, Dark Knight or Interstellar (all 10/10 movies in my book), but it certainly sits up there with them. A masterpiece.

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RussIsHere on 1/3/2018 Reply  · 

Technically well made but it didn't grab me. I'll probably watch it again though at some point, it's Nolan and his films have a way of growing on me.

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JRM on 1/13/2018 Reply  · 


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copulman on 1/13/2018 Reply  · 

The production value of this film is incredible. I don't even mind the minimal dialog. The only thing that bothered me was the very minimal dialog at certain points. I'd have to watch it again, but at times it seemed almost unrealistic that people weren't talking to each other which in turn was almost distracting. To be fair, this may just be something Nolan was going for to create a certain atmosphere, in which case this would be nit picking. The aerial dogfights are unmatched though and I loved the back and forth between the pilots. Solid 9/10 overall.

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Eagle2018 on 3/4/2018 Reply  · 

If this doesn’t win Best Picture, then the Academy no longer means anything to me!

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UberLives on 6/25/2020 Reply  · 

Dunkirk is soulless and doesn't even have the three act structure. That's why a lot of people don't relate to it or any faceless character in it's dull run time.

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meghpinkbabu on 8/30/2020 Reply  · 

Pretty great visuals, but I did n't find myself rooting for any of the characters, the dialogue was just exposition & the plot was convoluted. & this is coming from a massive Nolan fan. Hopefully, Tenet is going to be much better

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Cman15 on 3/14/2021 Reply  · 


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IloveMovie243 on 6/19/2021 Reply  · 

You realize this can easily be countered with “ENTERTAINING”?

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