Touch of Evil (1958)

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Touch of Evil

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The Strangest Vengeance Ever Planned!

Directed By Orson Welles Orson Welles Starring Charlton Heston Charlton Heston  •  Janet Leigh Janet Leigh  •  Orson Welles Orson Welles  •  Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich  •  Akim Tamiroff Akim Tamiroff Genres Crime  •  Film Noir  •  Mystery  •  Police Detective Film  •  Psychological Thriller  •  Thriller Studios &
National Film Registry  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills  •  Masters of Cinema  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies  •  L.A. Noire 'Golden Film Reels' Collection  •  Sight & Sound's Greatest Films of All Time Poll  •  Universal International Pictures  •  Elder's Film That Changed My Life  •  Spike Lee's Essential Film List  •  Cahiers du cinéma: Top 10 Lists  •  BBC's 100 Greatest American Films  •  Paste Magazine's 100 Best Film Noirs of All Time  •  1,000 Noir Films: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn't They?
Release Info 1958-04-23T00:00:00Z April 23, 1958
B&W  •  95 minutes NR Rated NR
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Touch of Evil vs. Psycho

Touch of Evil Psycho VS.

Vosik said on Jan 30

"2 classics starring Janet Leigh. Psycho is unquestionably the more iconic film but Touch of..." more ►

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Vertigo vs. Touch of Evil

Vertigo Touch of Evil VS.

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Comments (4)


Caesar on 4/7/2013 Reply  · 

It's uncanny just how much Charlton Heston looks and sounds like a real Mexican. He's a chameleon, I tell you!

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egoistdeviant on 5/9/2015 Reply  · 

There's an Indiegogo campaign going on to finance completing Welles' final film, The Other Side of the Wind

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eaglesflyhigh on 6/4/2015 Reply  · 

Good Orson Welles movie but is slightly overrated. I can't get past how unrealistic Janet Leigh's character is when she seamlessly decides to go along with a random Mexican on the street that she has never met before, even after Heston warns her how this area is sketchy. Gets better as it goes on though.

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hambone88 on 8/25/2018 Reply  · 

There is some legendary cinematography in this movie. Masterclass directing, and a couple of great performances were also some highlights. The story was a little lacking though, and this movie seemed like it was about half an hour too long.

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