Killing Them Softly (2012)

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Killing Them Softly

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In America You're On Your Own

Directed By Andrew Dominik Andrew Dominik Starring Brad Pitt Brad Pitt  •  Richard Jenkins Richard Jenkins  •  James Gandolfini James Gandolfini  •  Ray Liotta Ray Liotta  •  Scoot McNairy Scoot McNairy Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Black Comedy  •  Crime Comedy  •  Crime Thriller  •  Crime  •  Gangster Film  •  Hitman / Assassin Film  •  Political Satire  •  Satire  •  Thriller Studios &
The Weinstein Company  •  Annapurna Pictures
Other Titles Cogan: Killing Them Softly [Italy] Release Info 2012-05-22T00:00:00Z May 22, 2012
Color  •  104 minutes R Rated R
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Killing Them Softly vs. Lawless

Killing Them Softly Lawless VS.

jayrmoore said on 7/3/2015

"I just finished Killing Me Softly. Hated it, The first 45 minutes was brutal to get through, it..." more ►

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Comments (5)


The27Arsenal on 9/8/2013 Reply  · 

This is one of the very worst films I've ever seen, and I'm not being funny. The majority of the film involves Pitt sitting in a car chatting with this other dude about nothing, or in a bar staring at the wall.

The sole scene in the film that was slightly interesting was the late James Gandolfini sitting on his hotel bed making jokes about prostitutes. The fact that I tried my best to laugh at that part showed that I wanted to give the film one moment of approval, but I just couldn't. It's shockingly bad.

I can't think of a better example of film makers disgracefully robbing 2 hours of my life from me than in the case of this film. It's a shame that Gandolfini couldn't make up for his appearance in this pile of crap before his death.

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NotLoganCrews on 10/31/2016 Reply  · 

Can't disagree more, I thought it was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Beautifully directed, perfectly cast, and uncommonly ethereal. Amazing dialogue, too. Very original as well with intelligent political undertones.

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seve24 on 7/12/2017 Reply  · 

Great film. Subtle, funny, kind of weirdly tense and it has great realistic performances.

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seve24 on 7/12/2017 Reply  · 

Also the audio editing in the movie is mostly pretty phenomenal. The commentary on America's financial situation is great too and the pacing of the film was very unique and caught me off guard. Most people who critisize this movie are just critisizing it based on what they expected/wanted it to be and not actually on what the movie is.

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Cman15 on 11/18/2020 Reply  · 

Possibly the worst piece of shit I have ever seen.

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