Tatie Danielle (1991)

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Tatie Danielle

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Tatie Danielle is a spoiled old lady who has become expert, after long years of study, at the art of imposing on other people.

Directed By Étienne Chatiliez Étienne Chatiliez Starring Catherine Jacob Catherine Jacob  •  Isabelle Nanty Isabelle Nanty  •  Neige Dolsky Neige Dolsky  •  Virginie Pradal Virginie Pradal  •  Madeleine Antoine Madeleine Antoine  •  Denis Barbier Denis Barbier  •  Francis Boespflug Francis Boespflug  •  Madeleine Cheminat Madeleine Cheminat  •  Jean Chesnel Jean Chesnel  •  Marie-France Cubadda Marie-France Cubadda Genres Comedy  •  Black Comedy  •  Comedy of Manners  •  Domestic Comedy  •  Satire Release Info 1991-05-17T00:00:00Z May 17, 1991
Color  •  110 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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