Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

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Taxi to the Dark Side

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In 2002, a young cab driver picked up a few passengers near his home in Afghanistan... He never returned.

Directed By Alex Gibney Alex Gibney Starring Carlotta Gall Carlotta Gall  •  Scott Horton Scott Horton  •  Carl Levin Carl Levin  •  Alberto Mora Alberto Mora  •  Anthony Morden Anthony Morden Genres Culture and Society  •  Documentary  •  Law and Crime  •  Military and War  •  Politics and Government  •  Social Issues Studios &
THINKFilm  •  Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary Feature Winning  •  Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Winning  •  Paste Magazine's 100 Best Documentaries of All Time
Release Info 2007-04-28T00:00:00Z April 28, 2007
Color  •  106 minutes R Rated R
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