New Jersey Drive (1995)

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New Jersey Drive

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Directed By Nick Gomez Nick Gomez Starring Gabriel Casseus Gabriel Casseus  •  Saul Stein Saul Stein  •  Gwen McGee Gwen McGee  •  Andre Moore Andre Moore  •  Samantha Brown Samantha Brown  •  Robert Jason Jackson Robert Jason Jackson  •  Michèle Morgan Michèle Morgan  •  Roscoe Orman Roscoe Orman  •  Koran C. Thomas Koran C. Thomas  •  Sharron Corley Sharron Corley Genres Drama  •  Crime  •  Crime Drama  •  Juvenile Delinquency Film  •  Urban Drama Release Info 1995-04-19T00:00:00Z April 19, 1995
Color  •  98 minutes R Rated R
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