The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)

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The Black Dragon's Revenge

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Directed By Chin-Ku Lu Chin-Ku Lu Starring Ron Van Clief Ron Van Clief  •  Charles Bonet Charles Bonet  •  Jason Pai Piao Jason Pai Piao  •  Kang Kao Kang Kao  •  Hok Nin Lau Hok Nin Lau Genres Action  •  Blaxploitation  •  Exploitation Film  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Martial Arts Other Titles Long zheng hu dou jing wu hun [Hong Kong]  •  Revenge of the Black Dragon  •  The Black Dragon Revenges the Death of Bruce Lee [United Kingdom]  •  The Death of Bruce Lee [United States] Release Info 1975-11-01T00:00:00Z November 1, 1975
Color  •  90 minutes R Rated R
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