Puss in Boots (2011)

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Puss in Boots

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Directed By Chris Miller Chris Miller Starring Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas  •  Salma Hayek Salma Hayek  •  Zach Galifianakis Zach Galifianakis  •  Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton  •  Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris Genres Adventure  •  Adventure Comedy  •  Animation  •  Comedy  •  Fairy Tales and Legends  •  Family  •  Family-Oriented Adventure  •  Family-Oriented Comedy  •  Family-Oriented Fantasy  •  Fantasy  •  Fantasy Adventure  •  Fantasy Comedy Studios &
Shrek  •  DreamWorks Animation  •  84th Academy Awards Nominated  •  Annie Award for Best Animated Feature Nominated
Release Info 2011-10-28T00:00:00Z October 28, 2011
Color  •  90 minutes PG Rated PG
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Comments (2)


shilah on 2/12/2012 Reply  · 

what site can i see this move online for free

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johnmason on 8/12/2012 Reply  · 

Well, it's certainly better than Shrek the Third, and even has an advantage over Forever After. Guess DreamWorks found a way to keep the Shrek franchise alive without calling it "Shrek".

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