Tenet (2020)

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Directed By Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan Starring John David Washington John David Washington  •  Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson  •  Elizabeth Debicki Elizabeth Debicki  •  Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh  •  Aaron Taylor-Johnson Aaron Taylor-Johnson Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Glamorized Spy Film  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Spy Film  •  Thriller  •  Time Travel Film Release Info 2020-08-22T00:00:00Z August 22, 2020
Color  •  150 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Tenet vs. The New Mutants

Tenet The New Mutants VS.

Fontinella said on Friday

"Two of the worst movies of the year in a year that will forever be known as THE YEAR OF CRAP..." more ►

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Comments (13)


eaglesflyhigh on Aug 31 Reply  · 

Another mindblowing film from Nolan that REQUIRES multiple viewings. Lacks the same emotional connection and character depth as Inception, Dark Knight and Interstellar, but its well-crafted plot and perfect pacing makes Tenet one of the greatest spy movies.

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TommyDoyle2016 on Aug 31 Reply  · 

Yay, another complex film just for the purpose of being complex. Take note: complex, not deep. Of course the fans of this will say you didn't understand it if you don't like it.

Don't get me wrong, I dig Nolan and I want to watch this, but a part of his fandom is cancer.

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TheFireRises on Aug 31 Reply  · 

Solid and good movie. It's not as good as Inception but still fun and action packed. Can't wait for the Blue-Ray disc to be released. I feel multiple watches would improve the story and understanding it.

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UberLives on Sep 5 Reply  · 

Man, is Nolan on a losing streak. Bad babbling efforts one after another. Put anyone else's name on his recent duds and release them shot for shot and they would have been trashed by the critics. This reminds me of M Night Shyamalan's skid down the drain.

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TheFireRises on Sep 8 Reply  · 

And then you woke up. How about the latest Marvel film?

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CaptMarvelous on Sep 6 Reply  · 

Textbook proof that Nolanzombies praise anything he does even the disappointing garbage.

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Eagleskywalker87 on Sep 7 Reply  · 

I wouldn't say that's so. Many people are saying it's disappointing- but that doesn't translate to "bad". I can admit that it's flawed and maybe a little rushed but it's damn well made and the concepts are very imaginative. Nolan is one of my favourite directors and sure his films aren't always perfect (except Memento, Memento is perfect) but nearly all of them engage and excite me on some level! This is no exception!

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TheFireRises on Sep 8 Reply  · 

You're talking to the biggest Marvel-zombie on this site. Delusional enough to vote for Iron Man 2 and Last Stand over TDK and TDKR.

You should stop using sock accounts, Yellowjacket.

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Kersey475 on Sep 9 Reply  · 

A more sterile 007 by way of Inception. Has great pacing, but at the price of characterization due to the lean story.

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JoeJoe1 on Sep 10 Reply  · 

Tenet is just so bad. I'm kind of stunned at how bad it turned out. So pretentious and so full of itself that it's nonsensical.

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hambone88 on Sep 13 Reply  · 

I think people would have like this movie more if it was marketed as Christopher Nolan making a spy movie. I thought the movie was easy to follow after the first act. But the sound mixing was a bit of a problem in the Cinemark XD theater I watched it in, mostly during dialogue heavy scenes.

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noobpb17 on Thursday Reply  · 

this might as well be one of nolan's not-excellent movies

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Fontinella on Friday Reply  · 

One of the worst movies of the year in a year that will forever be known as THE YEAR OF CRAP FILMS. That says a lot.

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