Spectre (2015)

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Directed By Sam Mendes Sam Mendes Starring Daniel Craig Daniel Craig  •  Léa Seydoux Léa Seydoux  •  Ralph Fiennes Ralph Fiennes  •  Christoph Waltz Christoph Waltz  •  Ben Whishaw Ben Whishaw Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Adventure  •  Glamorized Spy Film  •  Spy Film  •  Thriller Studios &
James Bond  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  88th Academy Awards Nominated
Release Info 2015-10-26T00:00:00Z October 26, 2015
Color  •  150 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Spectre vs. Octopussy

Spectre Octopussy VS.

ByronDonovan said on Jan 28

"Spectre was kinda soft for me but Octopussy was completely uneventful." more ►

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Skyfall vs. Spectre

Skyfall Spectre VS.

JimmyMcGill said on 11/24/2022

"Spectre is weak, Skyfall could be the best Bond movie " more ►

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Comments (16)


Zebula77 on 11/2/2015 Reply  · 

Not as good as Skyfall and Casino Royale, but better than Quantum of Solace. It's stylish and cool, but a tiny bit overlong. Baddie is good - Bond girl is not (imo not very attractive, and there is seemingly no chemistry between her and Bond, yet they fall head first in love?).

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Nils98 on 11/3/2015 Reply  · 

Not very attractive? Really??? I agree with everything else though.

4 people liked this  √ 


The27Arsenal on 11/22/2015 Reply  · 

Cant agree that she wasnt attractive haha

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PiccoloKing on 8/17/2019 Reply  · 

If you think Léa Seydoux isn't attractive, then I shiver to think of the kind of women you've seen in your life.

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movieman97 on 11/7/2015 Reply  · 

I don't understand the hate for this movie. I loved it a lot when I saw it Thursday might with my friend whom also liked it and didn't understand the gate.

3 people liked this  √ 


JC13 on 11/8/2015 Reply  · 

I liked it a lot. It's well shot I liked the story, the action is great, it's funny, and the cast is great.

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traceSD on 11/13/2015 Reply  · 

This movie is great. The audience i saw it with loved it. I was very suprised by the online reactions the following weekend. It has to be fallout from the higher quality of Skyfall that brings this movie so much negativity. My 7th favorite Bond Film.

2 people liked this  √ 


The27Arsenal on 11/22/2015 Reply  · 

Great film, very underrated by a lot of people so far. It's not on par with Skyfall but it was certainly a very good Bond film with the usual, classic elements mixed in with some surprises. An excellent Bond girl, a great villain and good locations make up for the ridiculous plot which is to be expected.

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copulman on 11/29/2015 Reply  · 

I actually liked this a little better than Skyfall. Though it wasn't as good as Casino Royale. It would have been better had the villain not fallen apart at the end. Your the mastermind of this elaborate network and secret society, but can't help but be absurdly careless with your arch nemesis? I know it's a common trope, but come on...Other than that, very solid film.

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eaglesflyhigh on 1/24/2016 Reply  · 

This is by far the worst Bond of the Daniel Craig era. Something that has been great in the past 3 films is the realistic and deep connection that Bond has with some women (like Vesper). This is completely thrown out of the window with the ridiculous instant relationship with Madeline Swann. Also, it's filled with dumb car chases and ruins a great classic Bond villain with the ending.

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eaglesflyhigh on 10/17/2021 Reply  · 

Ok, after a re-watch. it's a lot better than I thought. I still dislike how they handle Blofeld, but it doesn't ruin the film or the series. Madeleine is great, and I loved Bond's character development.

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trayoder on 2/3/2016 Reply  · 

One of the weaker Daniel Craig Bond films but still a good addition to the series.

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Eagleskywalker87 on 6/13/2017 Reply  · 

Third least favourite of the series (1. Quantum of Solace. 2. Die Another Day)! The story was dull and generic, it has everything all the others have to offer just without the excitement, the humanity of CR and SF or anything special. It's sad, especially after SkyFall pushed the series into a new direction. Bond's instant and forced relationship with the Bond girl takes all humanity and depth out of the film. It reminded me of how quickly Bond forgot about Tracy in DAF after Plenty and Tiffany showed up! It's about 30 minutes too long. Acting was poor, especially Daniel Craig who is joyless and monotoned. The cinematography is nice but I can't call it a well made film because the set design is way too over the top. It's like they wrote a script around set pieces and action scenes. The tone is too dark and pretentious. The jokes were unfunny and forced. And this was the worst incarnation of Blofeld ever (watch the scene on the bridge towards the end and then tell me I'm wrong).

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johnmason on 3/5/2018 Reply  · 

It's decent, and may even rise a bit on my chart on a future rewatch, but it is overlong. (Of course, so is Skyfall, which I'm glad I rewatched just before I saw this, and dropped a bit in my estimation; they have a lot of the same problems.) It is gorgeously shot, and the opening sequence is quite impressive. Also, can't get enough of Dave Bautista; love that guy.

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ChrisFilm85 on 11/20/2021 Reply  · 

Very underrated Bond film. The twist reveal and the stupid C subplot drag it down but it's well shot, with some great action scenes and a spectacular opening. Mabye not as good as Casino Royale, Skyfall or No Time to Die, but certainly far, far better than Quantum of Solace. I'm really surprised it's ranked lower than Quantum here - this is easily the better film based on the opening alone!

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JimmyMcGill on 8/27/2022 Reply  · 

It's entertaining, but It simply isn't the wowing, visually illustrious film that its predecessor was.

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