Deadly Illusion (1987)

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Deadly Illusion

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If the killer isn't really a killer... and his victim isn't really a victim... why do people keep turning up dead?

Directed By Larry Cohen Larry Cohen Starring Joe Cortese Joe Cortese  •  Michael Wilding, Jr. Michael Wilding, Jr.  •  Allison Woodward Allison Woodward  •  Michael Emil Michael Emil  •  Max Raven Max Raven  •  Billy Dee Williams Billy Dee Williams  •  Vanity Vanity  •  Morgan Fairchild Morgan Fairchild  •  John Beck John Beck  •  Dennis Hallahan Dennis Hallahan Genres Thriller  •  Drama  •  Crime Release Info 1987-10-16T00:00:00Z October 16, 1987
Color  •  87 minutes R Rated R
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