Yesterday (2019)

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Directed By Danny Boyle Danny Boyle Starring Himesh Patel Himesh Patel  •  Lily James Lily James  •  Kate McKinnon Kate McKinnon  •  Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran  •  Joel Fry Joel Fry Genres Comedy  •  Fantasy Comedy  •  Fantasy  •  Romance  •  Romantic Comedy  •  Romantic Fantasy Studios &
Working Title Films
Release Info 2019-05-04T00:00:00Z May 4, 2019
Color  •  116 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Comments (2)


Eagleskywalker87 on 7/5/2019 Reply  · 

Yesterday is a movie that, on paper, should've failed. An overrated director makes what could easily be a cheap nostalgic-ride with a plot that feels straight out of a sitcom with an overrated yet insanely popular musician (playing themself) in a supporting role and the film spends a good portion on a love story. Expect, Yesterday still really works... in most areas at least. Firstly, the concept is done right making it a really fun one with hilarious consequences, nice modern reactions and even a mild commentary on the music industry is also incorporated. Secondary, I really sympathised with the character of Jack as he struggles through life early on in the movie and the morality of his actions throughout. Himesh Patel is great in both the serious and comedic moments and scenes involving him struggling to remember lyrics and inspirations for the songs (Eleanor Rigby in particularly) is what brings it home for me. Despite this, maybe the film could've done more with certain concepts it plays around with such as "if one man wrote the songs of The Beatles but wasn't famous would anyone care?" but there's also a sweet message about what's more important; fame or personal happiness? I have a few issues, mostly within the pacing and a few story points. While it is a well directed movie that's often edited quite quirky for a movie with this plot, I find the love story to be clichéd and underdeveloped. Thankfully, it isn't as overbearing as the marketing made it out to be but as I was really into the Beatles aspect and Jack's moral struggle I wasn't really feeling the love story. Also, both the marketing and, at one point, the film teases something that felt misleading and it's replaced with... well... how do I put this... it will cause a lot of controversy. I'm conflicted about it. It's the emotional release, and a cool thought, but some may find it a little uncomfortable. Overall, Yesterday is a flawed yet wonderful experience for people who wonder what would life be like without the Fab Four?

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hambone88 on 8/17/2019 Reply  · 

One of my favorites of this year so far! If you love the Beatles you’re very likely to enjoy this.

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