Rear Window (1954)

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Rear Window

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Through his rear window and the eye of his powerful camera he watched a great city tell on itself, expose its cheating ways...and Murder!

Directed By Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Starring James Stewart James Stewart  •  Grace Kelly Grace Kelly  •  Wendell Corey Wendell Corey  •  Thelma Ritter Thelma Ritter  •  Raymond Burr Raymond Burr Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Mystery  •  Psychological Thriller  •  Romance  •  Romantic Mystery  •  Thriller Studios &
National Film Registry  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies  •  Sight & Sound's Greatest Films of All Time Poll  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies 10th Anniversary Edition  •  Spike Lee's Essential Film List  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominated  •  Cahiers du cinéma: Top 10 Lists  •  Writers Guild of America's 101 Greatest Screenplays  •  The Cinemaholic's 100 Best Movies of All Time  •  1,000 Noir Films: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn't They?  •  They Shoot Zombies, Don't They? Top 1000 Horror Movies
Release Info 1954-08-01T00:00:00Z August 1, 1954
Color  •  112 minutes PG Rated PG
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Psycho vs. Rear Window

Psycho Rear Window VS.

CBW12987 said on Mar 4

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Vertigo vs. Rear Window

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Fizz007 said on Jan 30

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Comments (15)


kannankara on 1/26/2013 Reply  · 


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Showtimebr on 5/9/2013 Reply  · 

So good it almost hurts. Hitch f'n Cock knew his game.

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Krazy2BeMe on 6/9/2013 Reply  · 

This is my all time favorite Hitchcock movie. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly were an awesome team.

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Danielod on 2/9/2014 Reply  · 


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kwlo7 on 6/13/2014 Reply  · 

i just watched it and honestly I don't get why this film is so highly ranked. Really wasn't all that interesting until the gal broke into the killer's apartment. Even then it wasn't far from dull. The two main characters were alright, I seen other films with those actors and have no qualms with their performances. I did like how they got closer to each other by going through their murder-mystery experience together.
Overall though i felt the story was slow and not engaging. Half way through I had to stop because i was having trouble keeping my eyes open. Usually with a film i never seen it isn't tough for me to stay awake.
None of the other neighbors were really involved in the story at all, they were all separate side stories which could have very well been left out or changed, making no difference to the main plot.
The flash bulb scene at the end was incredibly ridiculous . Was clever idea using the flash to blind the guy sure, but more than once? come on, how dim witted is this murderer that he doesn't look away the 2nd time he tries to blind him with the flash? or dash towards him before he loads up the next one?
I really don't see how this is in the top 20 globally, or even top 100. It's not a bad movie, but i did not find much entertainment from it.

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Area_hulk on 7/30/2014 Reply  · 

I think I would give this movie a 7/10. Although the movie was interresting and suspensful there was not ENOUGH suspense or surprise that it should be considered it a masterpiece thriller. Ending was kind of a letdown, but the whole setting and cinematography - yeah the direction itself - was pretty amazing - as well as Stewart's performance - the movie still couldn't fenomenal in my eyes because of this plot i.e the disappointing ending. The messages and themes in the film are great, though despite me knowing the point of Jeff and Lisas relationship it wasn't that wonderful. Their interaction with each other in the beginning was kind of annoying

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Arthouse on 10/6/2014 Reply  · 

Might be a bit controversial to say but... This is Hitchcock's best.

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clomsoga on 6/7/2020 Reply  · 


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thejamin on 9/14/2015 Reply  · 

A perfect film.

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Eagleskywalker87 on 7/4/2017 Reply  · 

I couldn't have said it any better (although, I do prefer Vertigo and Psycho)!

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durden99 on 1/14/2021 Reply  · 

Hot garbage that has nothing on vertigo/psycho/nxnw

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robela740 on 9/29/2021 Reply  · 

This is all I can say this is the definition of a perfect movie I can see why it has a 100% metascore

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