X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

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X-Men: Apocalypse

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Directed By Bryan Singer Bryan Singer Starring James McAvoy James McAvoy  •  Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender  •  Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence  •  Oscar Isaac Oscar Isaac  •  Nicholas Hoult Nicholas Hoult Genres Action  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Ensemble Film  •  Period Film  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Superhero Film Studios &
X-Men  •  Marvel Comics
Release Info 2016-05-18T00:00:00Z May 18, 2016
Color  •  143 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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X-Men: First Class vs. X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: First Class X-Men: Apocalypse VS.

JimmyMcGill said on Nov 22

"Extremely surprised at the poll results, I believe X-Men First Class is overrated, but it saved..." more ►

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Comments (13)


TommyDoyle78 on 5/19/2016 Reply  · 

X-Men's still my favorite superhero franchise!

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TommyDoyle78 on 5/19/2016 Reply  · 

(And the only one that I actually like)

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Zebula77 on 5/23/2016 Reply  · 

A mixed bag of treats - Quicksilver is still the coolest X-Men and the Wolvie bit was fun. Villain not so much. 7/10

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Koroy on 5/27/2016 Reply  · 

Very good movie Indeed.Not as good as DOFP and First Class but still very solid indeed

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JC13 on 5/28/2016 Reply  · 

Another good X-Men movie. As Koroy said it's not as good as Days of Future Past or First Class, but I didn't expect it to be given how good those ones were.

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JRM on 5/29/2016 Reply  · 

Terribly disappointing, especially considering Days of Future Past is my 2nd favorite superhero movie.

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Caesar on 6/19/2016 Reply  · 

I liked the part where the fast guy did that thing.

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GcPreacher on 6/28/2016 Reply  · 

As a big time X-Men fan, this is officially our Episode II...

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hambone88 on 1/1/2018 Reply  · 

Take a shot every time someone says Charles.

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Eagleskywalker87 on 6/4/2019 Reply  · 

As someone who likes First Class and loves Days Of Future Past, I really hate this movie. It's meandering, mindless and ridiculous. The first half is fine but suffers mostly from poor pacing and adding too many unnecessary characters but the second half is where everything falls apart. Okay, X-Men films in the past always focus on a lowkey skirmish for their climaxes where only the consequences involved the end of the world. X2 had them going to rescue Charles but the larger consequence was his mind was used to kill all mutants. The focus of the First Class climax was mostly on the water around or on the beach in Cuba but the larger consequence could've began World War 3. Here, every scrap of metal in the world is seen being crushed as well as a city-large battle, mind controlling and plenty of destruction. It doesn't help that the poor development and the weak villain makes it hard to connect with anything. Magneto was generally threatening in the trilogy and I was interested in his arc. Apocalypse is as boring as a villain can get. First mutant ever who has God-like powers and is practically unstoppable by all.

Bottomline, I hate this movie. The writers should be ashamed. And by that, I mean not ashamed at all because this is clearly a producers movie. Forcing in younger versions of original characters purely for set-up for future installments and having Wolverine in for a pointless cameo. You may think you're watching "X-Men Apocalypse", but what I see is "stay tuned for "Dark Phoenix"".

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Vosik on 9/6/2019 Reply  · 

How does a director go from The Usual Suspects to... this? Apocalypse sucks

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Matrim on 5/4/2020 Reply  · 

I loved the animated series and will always think of Apocalypse along those lines. I have no idea wtf they were thinking when they made this turd, but it should be deleted.

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JimmyMcGill on 8/28/2022 Reply  · 

It’s hard to ignore how the film turns a blind eye to several glaring plot problems. I mean am I silly to think they might address the 10 million people killed when a city is leveled?

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