The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991)

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The Taking of Beverly Hills

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The richest city in the world. Shut down. Ripped off. Blown up.

Directed By Sidney J. Furie Sidney J. Furie Starring Ken Wahl Ken Wahl  •  Harley Jane Kozak Harley Jane Kozak  •  Matt Frewer Matt Frewer  •  Michael Alldredge Michael Alldredge  •  Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson  •  Jeff Benson Jeff Benson  •  Jason Blicker Jason Blicker  •  Michael Bowen Michael Bowen  •  Richard Brestoff Richard Brestoff  •  Arthur Cybulski Arthur Cybulski Genres Action  •  Action Thriller Release Info 1991-10-11T00:00:00Z October 11, 1991
Color  •  96 minutes R Rated R
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