Vertigo (1958)

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A Hitchcock thriller. You should see it from the beginning!

Directed By Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Starring James Stewart James Stewart  •  Kim Novak Kim Novak  •  Tom Helmore Tom Helmore  •  Henry Jones Henry Jones  •  Barbara Bel Geddes Barbara Bel Geddes Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Femme Fatale  •  Mindbender  •  Mystery  •  Psychological Thriller  •  Romance  •  Romantic Mystery  •  Thriller Studios &
National Film Registry  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies  •  2012 TCM Fest  •  Sight & Sound's Greatest Films of All Time Poll  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies 10th Anniversary Edition  •  VistaVision  •  Spike Lee's Essential Film List  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Nominated  •  Alamo Drafthouse 100  •  Time Out: London's 100 Best Romantic Movies  •  BBC's 100 Greatest American Films  •  The Cinemaholic's 100 Best Movies of All Time  •  1,000 Noir Films: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn't They?
Release Info 1958-07-21T00:00:00Z July 21, 1958
Color  •  129 minutes PG Rated PG
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Psycho vs. Vertigo

Psycho Vertigo VS.

Godfella1994 said on Mar 17

"Psycho was my favorite of his but it is only after watching Vertigo again that I realized that..." more ►

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Comments (29)


HitchFan97 on 11/19/2011 Reply  · 

The greatest film of all time.

5 people liked this  √ 


Ufhamlet on 3/31/2012 Reply  · 

Trying to watch this mess since it's rated so high. 13 minutes with no dialog or meaningful development isn't alright. Even if it redeems itself in the last hour and a half, modern movie watchers need more incentive to stay with a story than 20 different shots of Jimmy Stewart head while getting in and out of cars.

2 people liked this  √ 


TP1128 on 7/5/2012 Reply  · 

Because people this generation have attention spans of puppies smoking crack. This is one of the greatest movies of all time by far!

13 people liked this  √ 


SLionsCricket on 2/10/2013 Reply  · 

Well, what do you want? CGI explosions and sex scenes? Hitchcock movies are some of the true examples of classic cinema!

9 people liked this  √ 


Crapbaskets123 on 7/27/2022 Reply  · 

That isn't a bad thing. As long as it can tell a good story without dialogue, it works

0 people liked this  √ 


chadderandom on 7/15/2012 Reply  · 

The less Jimmy Stewart talks the better, I always say.

1 person liked this  √ 


Caesar on 6/27/2013 Reply  · 

Far from the greatest film ever made, but still enjoyable.

3 people liked this  √ 


Nononsense on 9/11/2013 Reply  · 

Hands down, the unmatched, best mystery thriller I've ever laid eyes on. The best score ever heard by these ears. The richest mood setter in the business even by today's standard. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you, they don't make 'em like this anymore. Vertigo is a once in a lifetime gem to behold.

4 people liked this  √ 


joshua528491 on 10/7/2013 Reply  · 

Hitchcock's greatest film, and my 6th favourite film of all time!

1 person liked this  √ 


joshua528491 on 1/5/2014 Reply  · 

Just watched it again for like the 8th time now. It's currently my 2nd favourite film of all time, right behind Kubrick's 2001! Truly an amazing film!

0 people liked this  √ 


ipham88 on 11/26/2013 Reply  · 

The apotheosis of Hitchcock, and probably of all film.

1 person liked this  √ 


Arthouse on 9/25/2014 Reply  · 

The nightmare scene: Hitchcock on crack.

2 people liked this  √ 


Eagleskywalker87 on 1/15/2018 Reply  · 

Better than the shower scene in Psycho!

1 person liked this  √ 


Arthouse on 9/25/2014 Reply  · 

Vertigo is one of the greatest films ever made. The best score in creation and just a perfect film. It is so ahead of its time. Unbelievable movie.

1 person liked this  √ 


TommyDoyle78 on 8/30/2015 Reply  · 

*Head explodes*

2 people liked this  √ 


Koroy on 2/24/2016 Reply  · 

Great movie.

0 people liked this  √ 


hambone88 on 2/10/2017 Reply  · 

The first two acts could have been a little bit better. But oh boy, this movie wrapped up nicely. Really a masterpiece of story telling. Jimmy Stewart was great as always.

0 people liked this  √ 


Eagleskywalker87 on 8/5/2017 Reply  · 

I've watched Vertigo for the 5th time in the last year tonight... and it's now my favourite film. The Empire Strikes Back was the movie that got me into movies and I've had it as my favourite film for years but Vertigo has everything I want in a movie and executes these elements perfectly. Hitchcock is my favourite director and this is his best directed movie, Stewart is my favourite actor and he gives his best performance here. I loved the psychological themes and elements. I loved the symbolism and the twists. Also, I love movies that leave lasting impressions and after I first watched Vertigo I could hardly sleep that night. Even for the first 5-10 minutes after watching it tonight I was frozen in silence!

5 people liked this  √ 


Nononsense on 9/7/2017 Reply  · 

I had a very similar experience with Vertigo when I first saw it. I struggled for years to do right by it and put it over my previous #1, Casablanca. Just this year, I made the change and am happy about it.

1 person liked this  √ 


PiccoloKing on 8/22/2018 Reply  · 

The best thing about this film is Jimmy Stewart's toupee.

0 people liked this  √ 


Vosik on 8/30/2019 Reply  · 

It's currently #5 on my Flickchart, however, if I were to rank the films based on which films I consider the best and not which films I love the most, this film would most likely be number 1. Screenplay is nearly perfect, acting is superb, cinematography is truly outstanding and so overlooked even by people who are praising the film and the ending is chilling. Herrmann's score is one of the best scores I've ever heard and the film uses colours very cleverly. Definetely a must watch for every cinephile.

0 people liked this  √ 


filmbuff99 on 1/13/2020 Reply  · 

A truly amazing film and my current #1. In my opinion it is Alfred Hitchcock's best film and that really is saying something. It's really well directed and has great performances from Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. I really like the directing, cinematography, editing, music score, and overall mood. The visuals are really great and Alfred Hitchcock shows San Francisco (I've never been there before) in a very interesting way. The music score from Bernard Herrmann is very special. I know there are some people who say it is slow paced and overrated but I disagree. Just like 2001: A Space Odyssey I think the pacing is just right as it fits the mood and themes that are being conveyed.

1 person liked this  √ 


Crapbaskets123 on 7/24/2022 Reply  · 

It's definitely Hitchcock's best film imo. Slow pacing has never really been an issue if it deserves it, and this film absolutely does

0 people liked this  √ 


Rick_34_Blaine on 9/8/2020 Reply  · 

Utter masterpiece.

1 person liked this  √ 


Crapbaskets123 on 9/26/2022 Reply  · 

One of the greatest films of all time. The writing, cinematography, acting, editing, themes are all top notch. The only thing keeping this movie from being number 1 is:

1. The special effects aren't that good
2. The film is surpassed by a few others, for me at least

1 person liked this  √ 


Blondie655321 on Jan 18 Reply  · 

The special effects were still good for its time and better than current vfx

1 person liked this  √