Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

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Witness for the Prosecution

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Once in 50 years suspense like this!

Directed By Billy Wilder Billy Wilder Starring Tyrone Power Tyrone Power  •  Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich  •  Charles Laughton Charles Laughton  •  Elsa Lanchester Elsa Lanchester  •  Henry Daniell Henry Daniell Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Courtroom Drama  •  Crime Drama  •  Crime  •  Drama  •  Mystery  •  Whodunit Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  Kino International  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  Masters of Cinema  •  Kino Lorber Studio Classics  •  United Artists
Release Info 1957-12-17T00:00:00Z December 17, 1957
B&W  •  116 minutes NR Rated NR
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Comments (5)


Caesar on 9/13/2013 Reply  · 

It's hard to believe Marlene Dietrich was in her mid-50s when she starred in this film. Talk about aging well...

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Nononsense on 8/12/2014 Reply  · 

Just saw it and absolutely LOVED it! Instantly my favorite from Wilder. Yes, better than Double Indemnity and The Apartment. It just has a certain charm and wit to it even before the twisted ending, which I partially guessed before it unfolded. Just love when I see a movie that I'm instantly glued to. Welcome to my top 50.

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Nononsense on 8/27/2014 Reply  · 

I'm surprised to see the global ranking is 242. It should be much higher. Considering the acting and the plot, it should be top 100 easily. Oh well, to each his own I guess. As for me, it's top 20 on my chart.

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lukiushaufoy on 11/21/2015 Reply  · 

Underrated masterpiece.

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AlgorithmJMO on 1/29/2021 Reply  · 

Both movies are incredible courtroom films from 1957. Personally 12 Angry Men is better, but Witness for the Prosecution is no weakling either

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