American Dreamer (1984)

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American Dreamer

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She was an ordinary housewife until her trip to Paris turned into an extraordinary adventure.

Directed By Rick Rosenthal Rick Rosenthal Starring James Staley James Staley  •  Pierre Santini Pierre Santini  •  Serge Berry Serge Berry  •  Christian de Tilière Christian de Tilière  •  Alain Flick Alain Flick  •  Ginette Garcin Ginette Garcin  •  Fernand Guiot Fernand Guiot  •  Alan Haufrect Alan Haufrect  •  Jean-Claude Montalban Jean-Claude Montalban  •  Katia Tchenko Katia Tchenko Genres Adventure  •  Romance  •  Comedy  •  Thriller  •  Romantic Adventure  •  Romantic Comedy  •  Comedy Thriller  •  Adventure Comedy Release Info 1984-10-26T00:00:00Z October 26, 1984
Color  •  105 minutes PG Rated PG
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